Kérastase Genesis Homme Thickness Boosting Shampoo 250ml Double

Ideal for: Men with hair prone to thinning
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Stock up and save with this double pack of Kérastase Genesis Homme Thickness Boosting Shampoo 250ml

Kérastase Genesis Homme Thickness Boosting Shampoo is for weakened hair, prone to thinning. This gentle shampoo clarifies the scalp, hair and beard, providing volume and texture to make thinner hair appear thicker and fuller.
Kérastase Genesis Homme Thickness Boosting Shampoo leaves hair feeling stronger, smoother and hydrated.

Hair-fall in men can be triggered by external and internal factors. External factors such as UV ray exposure or pollution can cause the formation of free radicals. Additionally, smoking and poor diet can also contribute as the cells involved in the regeneration and growth of hair follicles lose their full functionality. Internal factors, e.g., genetics and hormones can cause hair follicles to shrink as the scalp ages. Over time normal hair is replaced with vellus hair as the diameter of the fibres decrease, hair consequently may appear sparse and less dense, with a decrease in shine, softness and strength.

Premature hair loss is accompanied by a thickening of the sheath around the hair follicle. Collagen accumulates there and becomes rigid, keeping the hair from anchoring itself deeply and solidly in the root. The hardened sheath adds pressure to the bulb, inhibiting microcirculation which carries nutrients to hair. With insufficient nourishment, the miniaturised follicle produces a thinner, weakened fibre that can prematurely fall out.

Genesis Homme products are a pleasurable, easy-to-use solution that really works – instantly and over time. The impressive formulas contain a trio of ingredients- Creatine, Aminexel and Ginger Root infused into their formulas that increase the thickness of each fibre, help the hair to stay secure in the follicle and protect against environmental aggressors that could inhibit growth.

Masculine scent: Bergamote Deliziosa, a citrus-forward fougère with a rounded woodiness, representing a caring experience that invigorates the senses and uplifts the spirit.

Ingredients: N283399/1 (Amérique du Nord Aqua/Water/Eau Nano • North America Aqua/Water/Eau Nano) T283398/1 (Amérique du Nord Aqua/Water/Eau • North America Aqua/Water/Eau) Y283397/1 (Mixte Aqua/Water • European/US Aqua/Water) Z283400/1 (Mixte Aqua/Water Nano • European/US Aqua/Water Nano)

The results:

• Up to 28% Softer Hair*
• Up to 85% less hair fall due to breakage**
• More hair fibre strength**
• Up to 38% more volume***

* Disclaimer: Instrumental test on sensitised hair after application of the bain de masse.
** Disclaimer: Instrumental test after 1 application, measured as combing breakage on sensitised hair after application of bain de masse vs classic shampoo.
*** Disclaimer: Instrumental test, after application of bain de masse.

Work bain through wet hair. Rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly
This innovative boosting shampoo gives your hair a fuller and healthier result!


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