Infused Hair Turban

Ideal for: Quickly absorbing moisture from damp hair.

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Using a regular cotton towel is harsh on locks and can lead to breakage and frizz.

This gentle microfibre towel is designed to dry hair faster than regular towels.

Infused with a variety of replenishing and nourishing oils, the towel helps to repair damaged hair, promote hair growth, and add shine.

    Key features:
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Improves moisture retention.
  • Strengthens hair.
  • Less time blow-drying
    • Infused with either:

      Biotin – promotes hair growth, improves moisture retention, strengthens hair.

      Coconut oil: supports hair growth, strengthens your hair, improves moisture retention, less blow drying.

      Argan oil: for silkier looking hair, tames frizz, less blow drying, repairs split ends, adds shine.

      Rose oil: promotes hair growth, adds shine, repairs damaged hair.

      Hemp oil: promotes hair growth, improves moisture retention, strengthens hair.

Squeeze out excess water from your hair after washing, and drape the wrap around your head.

With the button at the back of your neck, gently twist the fabric around your hair, bringing the end of the wrap up and over your head to meet the button.

Secure the elastic loop at the end of the wrap around the button to hold.

This ultra-absorbent hair turban dries hair up to 20 times faster than regular towels and protects your hair from heat damage.

Plus, you'll be using less electricity, so you can be more eco-friendly and still look fabulous!

Infused with either rose oil, hemp oil, biotin, coconut oil or argan oil, the turban also helps to repair and strengthen your hair, and add shine.


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