bareMinerals Original Loose Mineral Foundation SPF15 8g - Various Shades Available

bareMinerals Original Loose Mineral Foundation SPF15 8g - Various Shades Available

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RRP: £29.00

Price £24.65

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Find Your Perfect Shade!

bareMinerals' lightweight, loose-powder foundation provides rich, creamy coverage and promotes clearer, healthier looking skin.

Available in 30 shades, this long-wear foundation is suitable for all skin tones and all skin types - Even for sensitive skin.

Made with just mineral ingredients, this foundation icon provides beautiful, buildable coverage with a naturally luminous finish that lasts up to 8 hours. The award-winning mineral foundation protects your skin with SPF 15 and diminishes the appearance of imperfections without drying skin out, leaving you with a flawless finish that lasts up to eight hours.

Full of clean, naturally luminous coverage. Free of Caking.
Vegan. Cruelty-free. Non-comedogenic. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist tested. Formulated without parabens, binders, or fillers.

Top Tip: Use a smaller denser brush for full coverage and use a fluffier bigger brush, for a sheer coverage.

 bareMinerals Original Foundation

Active Ingredients: Zinc Oxide 18%.
Inactive Ingredients: Iron Oxides, Mica, Bismuth Oxychloride, Titanium Dioxide

To get the most out of this fabulous foundation with SPF, pair it with the Beautiful Finish Brush to build sheer-to-full coverage. The luxuriously soft brush delivers fast, even, controlled coverage that can reduce application time, and its skirted silhouette was specially designed to fit perfectly into our mineral foundation lids to help capture (and contain) every mineral.

How to Use

How to Use

  • SWIRL a small amount of powder in the lid until it all disappears into the brush
  • TAP away excess in the lid
  • BUFF onto the skin in a circular motion
Gorgeous Says

Gorgeous Says

With 30 true-to-you shades available, you can get flawless, skin-loving coverage for every tone, every type, and every kind of beautiful.

To get the most out of this fabulous foundation with SPF, pair it with the Beautiful Finish Brush to build sheer-to-full coverage. The luxuriously soft brush delivers fast, even, controlled coverage that can reduce application time, and its skirted silhouette was specially designed to fit perfectly into our mineral foundation lids to help capture (and contain) every mineral.


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BY JUJU, 05/05/2020

It speaks for itself

This Mineral foundation speaks louder than any review ever could. I’ve tried many other brands, cheap & expensive, no contest whatsoever!!! You Can’t feel it when it’s on but has amazing coverage and gives a beautiful dewy look to skin and so easy to apply in seconds. It sounds cheesy but I’m 57 and this makes my skin look younger and feels really lush.

BY KIRSTY, 23/04/2020

All time favourite

I love this foundation! Can easily build the coverage and it leaves your skin looking flawless. I always come back to this.

BY MISS S, 04/02/2020

Non creasing foundation which you can vary coverage

I use the complexion rescue foundation normally, but was looking for something a little heavier for evening. I really like how you can go as light or as heavy as you like by building it up.

BY JEFFNER, 06/08/2019

Lovely make up, would recommend.

Been using bareminerals alot lately. Especially the cover stick, press powder and the gel foundation.
Like everyone else I have had acne and started with the benefit set many moons ago. I have never looked back since.

BY JEFFNER, 06/08/2019

Lovely make up, would recommend.

Been using bareminerals alot lately. Especially the cover stick, press powder and the gel foundation.
Like everyone else I have had acne and started with the benefit set many moons ago. I have never looked back since.

BY ANONYMOUS , 30/06/2019


Love how you can make it look as natural or as heavy as you want. Doesnt feel cakey on skin. been using for 2 years everyday and will continue to buy!!! love it!!

BY Q, 13/06/2019

A real Gem

This foundation works well winter or summer, the wide selection of shades suits all tones and is great for covering blemishes even when exercising.

BY MG, 05/06/2019


Great coverage, feels lovely and light on your face

BY MG, 05/06/2019


Great coverage, feels lovely and light on your face

BY JOJO, 04/06/2019

Give me MORE

I have used this product for a good 10 years now. My pot usually lasts around 1-2 months. Its a great buy and incredible price

BY AMS, 04/06/2019

So many comments, highly recommend

Light and easy to apply with full day coverage. A natural dewy glow and the best powder ever. Highly recommend

BY CINDERS, 04/06/2019

Love it !

Perfect for my slightly aged, some times oily and sometimes dry skin. Light but excellent coverage.

BY CLARESS14 , 01/06/2019

Fantastic Product

One of the best products I have purchased, this is amazing on my skin and matches well, reduces the oil in my skin. Looks and feels fantastic, gives me a confidence boost and works well.

BY MERAL, 05/03/2019

All levels of coverage

The best foundation I have ever used! You can build it up to be as light or heavy coverage as you prefer taking your makeup from day to night in a few sweeps and no mess.

BY SR, 10/02/2019


This is the best mineral foundation out there. It gives my skin such a great feeling and glow. Just can't live without it.


bareMinerals Original Foundation SPF15

I began using this product when it first arrived on the market, and have used it ever since - so, that speaks for itself - bare minerals has stood the test of time for me.
I like the texture and finish, and the product has a good selection of shades - to suit my needs for various events.
But, the thing i like most about this product is that it has natural ingredients, which is always a boost x


Summer of love

If you've never tried this, your missing out. It's so quick and easy to apply. It lasts ages so is excellent value for money. The coverage is good. My favourite thing about this product is it doesn't feel like you're wearing any foundation at all, and in summer this is fantastic. I highly recommend.

BY KATE-BALLET, 20/12/2018

Wonder foundation

I love the fact that you can choose whether you choose to use a lot or a little of this product, it still will look natural and barely there on your face. Very light weight , the powder foundations creates a smooth look, covering pores and fine lines. It doesn't sit heavily on your face or sink into problem areas. It is so lightweight but somehow gives excellent coverage. Pair with a short, stiff brush for maximum coverage. Lasts all day

BY KB, 15/12/2018

Bare minerals foundation - original. Wishlist hamper winner!

Great products. have been using it for quite a few years. Great coverage and feels good too.

BY RANNSY, 15/12/2018

Bare Mineral foundation.

The best foundation... I have used it for 4 years.

BY SFR, 12/12/2018

Light coverage

Nice and light for the summer I always use this once I have a bit of a tan. Very light coverage.


Best foundation ever!!!!

Love love love this foundation!!.. have used it for a long time now and even tho I use complexion rescue & have tried other foundations within the range, I still think this product is the best by far!!!!... Top marks!

BY SAMI D, 06/12/2018

Impressed Will buy Again

This is the first powder foundation I have tried, and as I liked the brand thought I'd give it a go. I'm impressed, and it's suited my often dry skin really well. It didn't draw attention to the problem. I do seem to waste a lot of the powder though, so my floor is looking dusty!

BY PATTIE P , 06/12/2018

Shop the range

I adore the whole bare minerals range I’m totally addicted. It covers imperfections so well and has lasting glow for the whole day.

BY LITTLEC , 05/12/2018

Original Foundation

Love this foundation, provides beautiful coverage, yet feels so light. It also helps absorb any oil in my t zone area. It lasts so long as well! Highly recommend.

BY NAT, 05/12/2018

The best foundation i have used by far....

So light i forget i'm wearing it. It always looks natural and leaves my skin looking flawless. Perfect for sensitive skin and has a silky touch to it.

BY JANE, 03/12/2018

A must have foundation

So easy to apply. Good coverage without looking over made up. Not dry or cakes. Haven’t found better.

BY BELLE, 03/12/2018

Bareminerals original foundation

The best foundation. It has buildable coverage but looks natural and your skin can breath. Remember to swirl/buff onto the skin to warm up the powder.

BY ANG1305, 15/10/2018

A timeless favourite

I have been using this product forbears and it never fails to give good coverage to my face. I have different shade for different seasons and all give me the look i need

BY MANDHUGSXX, 31/08/2018

Fabulous foundation

I love this foundation, it's so natural looking and you can build up the layers for a more 'evening' look.

BY REBECCA, 27/08/2018

Brilliant product

Great coverage and stays all day! Have been using it for over a year now and couldn't imagine using anything else. With the different shades I can even have one for when I'm tanned in the summer and one for the winter when I'm paler.

BY ANGELEYES, 22/08/2018

Love love love this..... SWIRL.... TAP.... BUFF...

I was never into make up growing up, probably because my mum wasn't a wearer of make up and due to my illness and lot of meds, I was always looking very pale, shallowed skin, then I found Bare minerals original. It has changed my life to be able to face the world, it can gave a light coverage or a full coverage, it is buildable. Thats so simple even for me to put on, It makes me look healthy and also doing my skin good too with all the goodness thats in it. I will be asking Santa to bring me more bare minerals products so I can practice how to wear abit more than just this. Also I wear medium I've a pinky undertone to my skin but the shades are forgiving.

BY RERE, 19/08/2018

Best foundation

Been using this for years, never thought a powder would give such good coverage - I used to be a liquid foundation user but hated how it made my face feel. Love bareminerals.

BY ANNE, 18/08/2018

bareMinerals Original Foundation

love this product and great price.

BY JESS, 18/08/2018

Summer Star

This is a brilliant summer product, good coverage all day. Just gets better in the sun - no melting it off!


Used this for years

I love this powder foundation. I put on concealer and then buff it on with a fat brush and it really evens out your skin tone. For me though the real beauty of it is that I know it is not blocking my pores and causing future breakouts, my skin has improved greatly in the years I have been using this.


The best coverage!

This continues to be may fav by far!... Especially in the hot weather :-)

BY JACKABEE , 12/08/2018

Great product

I have used bare minerals for a number of years , they leave my fave looking very natural , you don’t get any clogging with bare minerals, great product.

BY CHERISSE, 12/08/2018

Holy grail foundation

No matter what other foundationsI try this is my hands down holy grail foundation which I will always go back to.


Firm favourite

Have sworn by this foundation for YEARS! Cannot live without it, I have acne prone skin and plenty of scars but this foundation covers well without clogs pores and you literally can sleep on it, use with the primers and it lasts ages! And really does feel like you aren’t wearing any make up!!! Love forever!

BY LETTIE, 11/08/2018

Love it

I can't live without this product. It has great coverage and at the same time looks natural.

BY STARSKY21, 07/08/2018

Old favourite

Been using this priduct for over ten years and I still love it. Buildable coverage which gives a glow to skin and prevents my oily patches showing through - perfect :) I always use 2 shades on my face, though, as I feel the same shade all over can look unnatural if I apply heavier coverage.

BY SCOTTIE , 05/08/2018

Love this product!

Love the finish this foundations gives, great for sensitive skin, easy to use and gives a lovely natural finish.

BY RONGRONG, 01/08/2018

Gives you a glow nature look

I have been using this foundation for over 2 years and loved it! It's easy to apply and gives a glow natural look. Would definitely recommend it!

BY JAYDEE, 24/06/2018


A friend told me about bareMinerals about 10 years ago, I never use anything else. I’m 52 and everyone always says I’ve got lovely skin! It’s only because bareMinerals hides all the flaws and doesn’t settle into the fine lines! Would highly recommend.

BY GEORGIA, 16/05/2018

Great Product!

Absolutely brilliant foundation - would recommend to anybody. It stays on all day and isn't too heavy on the skin.

BY EMA340X, 14/10/2017

Once used you'll be hooked

Lovely natural flawless finish. Doesn't clog your pores and really looks natural
Best used with bare minerals primer.

BY KATHERINE, 10/10/2017


Fabulous flawless finish.

BY KATHERINE, 10/10/2017


Beautiful flawless finish!

BY SAYDI, 30/09/2017

Bare minerals original foundation

Love this mineral foundation. Don’t usually like powders as find they can cling to dry skin. Used to wear the thickest full coverage foundation I could find. Bare minerals is a different story though. I wear it on top of their primer which helps it last longer. Skin feels super soft with it on and it doesn’t rub off on clothes. Build it up with concealer for a full coverage.

BY JESSICA, 30/09/2017

Bare minerals, you complete my life!

The best foundation ever! I have always used a heavy liquid foundation for coverage, but then it clogs and the powder I put on after slides. Since using bare minerals for the last 4 years, my make up has looked amazing, every day. I can do a full face of evening make up in the morning and it's would stay all day/night! I wear less during the day but feel so covered and confident! I could not recommend anything else anymore! Thank you bare minerals!!

BY NICNAC, 21/09/2017

Great Product

I've been using this foundation for around 5 years now and feel it gives me a natural look and good all over coverage. Highly recommend

BY STEPHANIE, 20/09/2017

Original foundation - great!

I've tried many different forms of foundation over the years, I have sensitive combination skin and found that bareMinerals is by far the best one for my skin. Love the new shades to get an even better match!

BY CHLOE, 19/09/2017

Fab product!

Really light and natural, and doesn't clog your skin.

BY TATCEBAS, 18/09/2017

Best foundation ever!

I have been using this foundation for many many years and will never replace it with anything! It makes my face look really smooth and the foundation looks very natural! they also have such a great variety of shades it's really easy to find the perfect shade for your skin colour!

BY EM, 16/09/2017

Bare minerals Original

Absolutely love this foundation ! My skin never felt so good, clear and glowing!

BY FEATHERS1981, 14/09/2017

Wish I tried this sooner!

I have been a Double Wear addict for years but as I have gotten older I have found that it sits in my fine lines and pores. I’ve tried all sorts of foundations recently to counter this problem but I never tried this as I assumed a powder foundation would only highlight lines and pores even more. However when the assistant applied it in my local Boots I was impressed. I’ve now been using it for about 10 weeks alongside Bare Minerals cleansers and my skin has never looked so good. It looks younger, the make up hides fine lines and pores, rather than settles into them. And because it doesn’t look heavy it doesn’t make you look older. I’ve had a few compliments about my skin, which has never happened before! With this foundation my skin still looks like mine, only better! I don’t look like I have a mask on, but it evens out all my imperfections. Its buildable too. I tried it years ago and it didn’t suit my younger skin, but now I can’t imagine using anything else. I have found that over time my skin has improved and now I can’t imagine putting a thick liquid on my skin! So I have found that even though the coverage might be less than I am use to because my skin is looking better than ever it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t last all day, however I have found that a spritz of my usual Urban Decay All nighter solves this if I need a longer lasting look!

BY LAURA, 12/09/2017

Beautiful glow without the grease

I have oily, acne prone skin and I had struggled for years with liquid foundation. Foundation always seemed to stick to dry patches on my face or slide off, as my skin was so oily. I tried this foundation and didn't like it the first few times I used it. I persevered and now it's my holy grail! Once I got used to the swirl, tap buff application, I found it went on so beautifully and with a glow that wasn't greasy. I have used this foundation constantly for 1 year now and my skin has never been better. I truly believe that it has helped to clear my skin.

BY EJLEWIS11, 11/09/2017

Great product and fab service!

Absolutely love using this make up :) not too heavy and long lasting which is everything I need. I particularly like how easy it is to build up your colour, making it easy to go from everyday makeup to more prominent for evenings out etc. Very easy to apply! Speedy and quick delivery from Gorgeous Shop too so would recommend buying from them :)

BY MINIBRADY, 10/09/2017

Would highly recommend

I have used this product for years now. Good for my skin, lasts all day and coverage can be built up as required.

BY U, 10/09/2017


I like this a lot but the colours would probably need to be mixed to get your ideal shade. But it's light and airy, feels great on the skin and it's natural. I love it!

BY TOT, 08/09/2017


I love this product. I am 57 with no wrinkles but have a few thread veins, this product has enough coverage to hide the areas I need to without looking like I have any make up on at all, just flawless skin.

BY JUDE, 07/09/2017

Top Notch

Have used this for many years, so easy to apply, gives good coverage with a lovely natural finish. It's the best foundation ever for me and I would not use anything else.

BY ASHLEY, 07/09/2017


Best foundation I've ever used in my 15 years of wearing makeup! Light and natural leaves a flawless finish. I use it as a concealer too. Would recommend the bare minerals brushes too.

BY NOYNOY, 07/09/2017

A hallelujah in a pot

In my early forties I was tired of teenage type breakouts so give my make bag a makeover with BareMinerals Original Foundation. It worked a treat,. no more troublesome skin. Coverage is good when using a primer and lasts all day which is impressive as I live in Southeast Asia where humidity is a killer. I don't use anything else and bulk buy when home.

BY GLAM GRAN , 07/09/2017

Good also for mature ladies

I've been using this foundation for about five years now and will continue. Being a lady of mature years Bare Minerals gives an even coverage yet is not too heavy. I'm so pleased I discovered it!

BY ASH, 05/09/2017


Absolutely love this foundation. It is light, breathable and so soft. I can wear it as heavy as I need as it is so buildable.

BY BROGS, 03/09/2017

Holy grail foundation

As someone who has suffered with severe acne in the past- this is the only foundation and brand I trust. It covers my scarring and imperfections so easily, I didn't believe I could replace my thick liquid foundation with a mineral powder but I thought I'd give it a go- fast forward 3 years and I have not looked back nor used any other foundation since. Amazing!

BY EMMA, 31/08/2017

A must for anyone with acne prone skin

This is the only foundation which makes me look flawless without looking cakey. I have fair skin and use medium beige and find it gives me a glow but doesn't make me look orange or caked. I would never be without this product now! I also used to have really bad acne and this helps cover without clogging.

BY SANDRA63, 07/08/2017

Five Star Product - I am Delighted All Round

I love the subtle coverage that this bareMinerals foundation gives and that I can use it as my concealer too. I was so happy to find gorgeousshop stocks the entire colour range so I went for a shade darker than my usual Fairly Light and got Fairly Medium for a subtle shade increase for summer months. Coupled with the amazing price here at gorgeousshop I am truly delighted with my purchase.

BY SIAN, 16/06/2017

Great *

Always used bareminerals, light on skin and covers excellent and perfect for sensitive skin. super fast delivery quick and easy to use! great site, thank you again

BY HANNAH, 15/05/2017

Make up bag staple.

Good, build able coverage. Use over a period of a few months cleared my skin up wonderfully.

BY CATRED15, 07/04/2017

Great foundation

I've been using this foundation for years, it's nice and light and doesn't settle in my slightly large pores, and stays on all day. I wear it in medium tan.

BY RACH , 11/12/2016

I'd recommend to everyone!

I use this in medium beige and it's perfect. It gives great even coverage really quickly and lasts throughout the day. Great for busy lifestyles! And also really good for the skin, I started using it when I had acne prone skin and it helped improve my skin a lot!

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