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Jess O'Sullivan

Jess O'Sullivan

Discover the deep cleansing power of scrubs for instant volume and shine...

Discover Kérastase Fusio Scrubs

The Fusio Scrubs from Kérastase have become an instant hair hero.
As the seasons change, you may find your scalp feeling itchy or sensitive and the scrubs are the perfect antidote.

As well as treating your hair and scalp to a deeply cleansing scrub once a week, you can also visit your salon for a truly indulgent in-salon treatment.

The In-Salon Treatment

The in-salon treatment mixes your chosen scrub with one of three essential oils.
Whilst the scrub is massaged into your scalp the healing fragrance invigorates your senses for a truly therapeutic spa experience.

Step 1
Choose your scrub

Scrub Apaisant

Designed for sensitive scalps to combat dryness, dandruff and flakiness
The gentle scrub replaces your traditional shampoo and cleanses the scalp and hair from pollution particles and sebum, up to 22% more than a traditional shampoo
Leaves hair looking gorgeous, shinier, with 59,7% more volume, and with a lightweight feel

Scrub Energisant

Designed for oily prone scalp and hair
Detoxifying power of the sea salt deeply exfoliates the scalp, effectively removing impurities, particles and product build-up,
The scalp free to breathe, roots highly lifted, hair fully volumised, 72% more volume after application, shinier and with a lightweight feel.

Step 2
Choose your essential oil

Choose one of three essential oils to be mixed with your scrub.

Refreshing peppermint awakens and uplifts the mind
Relaxing sandalwood soothes and calms the senses
Energising ginger stimulates and energises the mind


Step 3
Applying the scrub

The scrub is applied in sections all over the scalp

Step 4
Scalp Massage

The scrub is massaged into the scalp and through the hair to cleanse, remove oil, dirt and product build-up
The essential oil helps to clear and balance your mind leaving you feeling calm, collected and rested

After the scalp massage, you are left feeling relaxed and refreshed, whilst your scalp is cleansed, balanced and ready for a blow-dry!

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