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Bridal Hair How-To: The Perfectly Polished Blow-Dry



Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

The perfect look for the classic bride - the polished blow-dry. Here's how to get the look with some of #TeamGorgeous' favourite Redken products.


How To: The Perfectly Polished Blow-Dry Bridal Look

Step 1 – Prep

To start, we washed the hair with Redken All Soft Shampoo, followed by All Soft Conditioner. The ultra-rich formula made sure that hair was rehydrated and feeling soft, smooth and shiny.

Step 2 – Drying

Before drying the hair, we applied Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer, this preps and protects hair from thermal styling to increase the effectiveness of styling products for a long-lasting finish. We then rough dryed the hair before we began blow-drying.

Pillow Proof Blow Dry also comes in a cream formula, great for thick or dry hair.

Step 3 – The Blow-Dry

Once the hair was rough dried, we sectioned it off and began blow-drying. Aiming the hairdryer up the hair, we ensured to constantly lift the hair up to create more and more volume. Once each section was dry, we looped the section around our fingers and clipped. We ensured to curl and clip the top section away from the face. Once all sections were blow-dried and clipped, we applied Redken Control Addict 28 for long-lasting strong hold.

The tighter you want the blow dry, the less fingers you should loop the hair section around. Bigger sections means more bounce, smaller sections means more of a curl!

Step 4 – Shake It Out

Once each section was blow-dried and the hairspray had been applied to set the look, we removed the clips. We unclipped each section and gently unwound the curls. Once all layers were unclipped, we gently ran our fingers through the top layer of curls away from the face to separate slightly and gave the hair a shake.

The Finished Look

To give hair that glossy and polished final touch, we applied Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry Enhance Oil. This is an ultra-lightweight, heat responsive hair oil that reduces blow-dry time and creates diamond-like shine.

For an effortlessly undone bridal look, check out Daisy’s style on The Highlight.

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