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Stop the Fade – Boost Your Bronde



Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

After spotting Alex Steinherr, Glamour's beauty director, with a gorgeous new look after her Express Blonde Service in Larry King's London salon, we've rediscovered our love for bronde. But if you go for the plunge with your hair colour, how can you maintain your salon-fresh look at home?

Bronde is back. With a 390% increase in those searching for Bronde in the last quarter of 2017* and blonde remaining ever popular, it’s no surprise that Glamour’s beauty director Alex Steinherr was recently spotted using Redken’s Flash Lift Express Blonde in-salon service in Larry King’s London salon to get the look.

While it’s easy for hair to look fresh and fabulous after a salon treatment, if you’ve gone bronde or boosted your blonde, how can you ensure your colour stays salon-fresh between treatments?

  1. Go Pro with a Professional Hair Colour Service

    It might be tempting to DIY your bronde look, but when it comes to colouring your hair a salon appointment is the best way to go. Why? Firstly, your stylist has access to the latest professional products and services. Your stylist has the professional expertise to create a custom colour for you, that ensures you leave with the results you want. For example, Glamour’s beauty director Alex Steinherr was one of the first to try Redken’s new service and loved the look.

  2. Shampoo the Smart Way

    If you don’t want your hair colour to fade, say no to sulfates. They strip the hair’s natural moisture and fade colour. Sulfate -free shampoos are formulated without drying ingredients, so will cleanse without stripping. A formula like Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics will help seal colour into the hair fibre for gorgeous and vibrant locks.

  3. Make Dry Shampoo Your New BFF

    Stop the daily shampoo. Washing your hair every other day, or every third day, will help keep your colour fresh. On your non-shampoo days, turn to a dry shampoo to keep your hair feeling fresh and clean. We love Redken’s Pillow Proof Blow Dry Genius Extender, not only does it absorb excess oil and keep hair look fresh, it adds texture too. Winner!

  4. Always Protect Your Hair

    Using heat tools on unprotected hair can lead to colour fade. Make sure you use a heat protectant every time you style with heat. A product like Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer or Redken Iron Shape 11 will protect hair and keep it vibrant!

  5. Wear a Shower Cap Between Washes

    While plain water may seem harmless, if it has a high mineral content (known as ‘hard water’) it can actually strip and fade your hair colour. If you’re grabbing a shower on a no-shampoo day, throw on a shower cap before jumping in the shower. It may seem a little old-school, but it’s an easy way to help bright colour last longer!

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