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Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

With products for dry or oily skin aplenty, just where should us combination skin owners turn to when we're adding to our skincare collection? Enter leading French skincare brand NUXE with their new Aquabella range.

Billed as the new combination skincare regime to give fresh, clear skin, there’s a reason the likes of Vogue and Really Ree are shouting loud and proud about their love for NUXE’s Aquabella range.

A three-step routine specifically designed with combination skin in mind, the formula’s enriched with moisturising White Waterlily and NUXE’s patented Natural Blur Complex. Visibly enhancing and mattifying the skin, the range promises a radiant and dewy complexion – what’s not to love?!

The Collection

Aquabella Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Gel Daily Use

Providing a deep cleansing action without drying the skin, the daily use cleanser removes excess sebum. Infused with natural origin blue micro-beads, the formula gently smooths away irregularities in the skin.

User tests: Women felt skin was instantly purified, their complexion fresh and that after 28 days, their skin was clearer!

Aquabella Beauty-Revealing Essence-Lotion

Cloaking the face in a moisturising veil, this concentrated refreshing boost comforts and softens the skin. Improving skin quality with a smoothed texture, the formula’s enriched with natural-origin Hyaluronic Acid.

User tests: 100% of users reported skin feeling softer and after 28 days of use, users reported smoothed skin with tightened pores.

Aquabella Beauty-Revealing Moisturising Emulsion

Melting over the skin ro create a ‘bare skin’ finish, this intelligent formula adapts to the needs of different areas of the face. Moisturising dry areas, while mattifying oily areas, the formula is our skincare hero.

User tests: Users reported moisturised (90%) and mattified (85%) skin.

The Ingredients

NUXE’s Aquabella collection has combined two natural active ingredients to tackle the concerns of combination skin – White Waterlily from Madagascar and Natural Origin Hyaluronic Acid.

White Waterlily

Contributing to the development of aquatic life, this diaphanous plant oxgenates and purifies water. NUXE has carefully selected an extra derived from the White Waterlily blossoms cultivated in Madagascar to both moisturise and purify the skin.

Natural Origin Hyaluronic Acid

Obtained from a botanical subtrate, this natural formula forms a moisturising film on the skin’s surface to limit water evaporation. With a sponge-like effect, the active ingredient retains water molecules on dry areas of the face.

Natural Blur Complex

NUXE’s exclusive new patented Natural Blur Complex has got the beauty industry talking. Designed to naturally enhance the appearance of combination skin, it promises a smooth and pure complexion without hours in front of the mirror. The formula synergises three botanical active ingredients:

  • Oat Sugars
  • Green Lentil Extract
  • Nasturtium Extract

These three key ingredients combine to create a biological ‘blur’ effect proven by an in vivo test and approved by users with combination skin. Promising flawless skin with no illusions or constraints, we’re sold!

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