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Create the Perfect Bath – At Home with Scottish Fine Soaps



Madi Cardoso

Discover the secret recipe to experiencing true tranquillity – with the finest, most magical ingredients from the authority on all-things soap.

Whether you need to unwind from a day spent in front of screens, or are craving a moment just for yourself, taking a bath has great healing powers.

Indeed, there is something quite special about submerging yourself in warm water. It helps relax the muscles and soothes the mind. It raises the body’s temperature and puts you in a good mood.

But how can you make the most of taking a bath, i.e. how can you create the perfect bath?

Here’s #TeamGorgeous’ guide to transforming your bathtub into a spa, with a little help from Scottish Fine Soaps:

1. Set the Scene

Before you turn the tap on, take some time to organise your bathroom. It’s important to clear the surfaces surrounding your bathtub so you can build a calm space with a comforting ambience.

Try lighting up some candles – this will fill the room with relaxing aromas that’ll gently awaken your senses.

2. Add Bubbles

A bath is not a bath without bubbles – is it? And there are bubbles to suit every taste:

You can opt for a bath soak too:

3. Entertainment (is Optional)

It can be nice to do something while taking a bath. You can catch up on the latest episode of your favourite Netflix or DisneyPlus series, or read a few chapters of that book you’ve always wanted to finish. Magazines are a great option too.

If you prefer to keep your mind free of distractions, why not play some classical music in the background?

4. Don’t Forget a Touch of Luxury

If you thought a hot bath couldn’t get any better – think again.

Envelop your body in indulgent bathing milks, powders and fragrances from the Scottish brand:

Blended with real milk and boasting a cotton-fresh scent, the Au Lait Bathing Milk is a rich, soothing formula which hydrates the skin and keeps it butter-soft as you bathe.

The Au Lait Noir Bath Essence is a sophisticated aromatic treat, with hints of rose, sandal and light musk, making for a reviving bath time. As if this wasn’t enough, it comes in the most beautiful glass bottle – perfect for gifting others (or yourself).

Top Tip: while you’re enjoying a bath, you can also take the opportunity to do a face mask.

5. Sit Back and Relax…

If you’ve prepared everything, from ambience to entertainment, you can finally take the final and most crucial step to enjoying the perfect bath: sit back and relax.

Top Tip: when you’re finished, don’t forget to hydrate your skin with a moisturiser.

Shop Essentials for The Perfect Bath

Founded in 1974 in Stirlingshire, Scottish Fine Soaps create exquisite, pampering aromatic bath & body products that promote well-being. They use only the best ingredients with the intention to make you look, feel and smell wonderful.

Tranquillity awaits:

Now you’re all set to enjoy a perfect bath.

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