Weleda Dry Skin Eczema Relief Spray 50g

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Ideal for: dry skin and signs of eczema.

Beat dry, itchy skin and signs of eczema with the Weleda Dry Skin Eczema Relief Spray, a homeopathic formula which is easily absorbed to help heal and soothe uncomfortable, chapped skin.

Target signs of flaking skin from the inside out using 100% natural ingredients through your mouth.


Each metered spray contains: Graphites 6X, Purified Water, Ethanol 13.5% w/w, Lactose 1% w/v. Contains ethanol, see enclosed leaflet for further information.

  • For adults, the elderly and childen over 12 years, hold a few centimetres from the mouth and apply 1-2 metered sprays up to 3 times daily.
  • Do not swallow. Ideally use half an hour before or half an hour after food or drink.

For soft, comfortable skin and relief from symptoms of eczema, the Dry Skin Eczema Relief Spray will quickly penetrate your system through your mouth using only natural ingredients!


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