Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops - Relaxation Drops 25ml

Ideal for: a restful night's sleep and readjusting the mind
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Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops aids relaxation and restful sleep after a stressful day. Can also be used as a daytime remedy for the relief of temporary nervous tension, irritability, restlessness and edginess.

The fresh, above ground parts of Avena Sativa - oats - when in flower are widely used in herbal medicine. Oats' traditional use as a general nutritive and nerve restorative is well documented. The homeopathic potency of coffee used in the Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops is a typical example of 'like curing like,' increasing intellectual receptivity and alteration of sleep patterns.

  • Unless otherwise directed, adults and children over 12 years take 10-20 drops taken in water half an hour before going to bed
  • Repeat dose if necessary
  • Children to take under the guidance of a medical practitioner.
  • Ease yourself to sleep with the help of the calming, soothing Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops.


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