Ultrasun Super Sensitive Family SPF 30 400ml

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Ultrasun Super Sensitive Family SPF 30 400ml
Ultrasun Super Sensitive Family SPF 30 400ml

Ultrasun Super Sensitive Family SPF30 400ml

RRP: £46.00

Price £41.40

You Save £4.60 / 10%

Ultrasun Super Sensitive Family SPF 30 400ml

Ultrasun Super Sensitive Family SPF30 400ml Double

RRP: £92.00

Price £78.20

You Save £13.80 / 14%

Ultrasun Super Sensitive Family SPF 30 400ml

Ultrasun Super Sensitive Family SPF30 100ml & 400ml Duo

RRP: £65.00

Price £55.25

You Save £9.75 / 15%



Stock up and save with this large, family-size!

UltraSun's Super Sensitive Family SPF 30 comes with an airless pump dispenser to prevent product deterioration and contamination.

Key Benefits:

  • Water-resistant
  • No perfume, emulsifiers or preservatives
  • Paraben-free

Delivering medium-high UVA/UVB protection, the sunscreen is ideal for very sensitive and children's skin, helping to protect against 'prickly heat' reactions. It provides extra protection for vulnerable areas such as shins, noses, shoulders etc.

*Please note, Ultrasun are currently updating their product packaging to give it a fresh, new look. Packaging of this product is subject to variation from the visual shown.

How to Use

How to Use

  • Apply to body at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure
  • Re-apply based on your personal sun account
Gorgeous Says

Gorgeous Says

UltraSun's Super Sensitive Family SPF30 is free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy and making it especially suitable for sensitive skins. Like other ultrasun products, it is non-greasy, water-resistant and easy to use.

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BY BOBBY, 14/07/2019

Love it!

Silky smooth with a lovely sheen left on your skin (not shiny though). Great protection and easy to apply.

BY JACKIH, 07/07/2019

Ultrasun Family SPF 30

I have used this for years on myself and my children. It’s amazing offers all day protection, and is easy to apply, doesn’t stain clothes either. Both my children and I have sensitive skin and this is great doesn’t itch and saves any prickly heat problems we have had in the past.

BY SYLVIA, 06/07/2019

The best sunscreen on the market

I have suffered with prickly heat from the sun all my life. Most of the sunscreens I used often made the prickly heat worse which, is intolerable. I am so happy to say that since I have started using Ultrasun products I have not suffered with prickly heat. I have recommended Ultrasun to so many of my friend and they love it. Another added bonus is that Ultrasun also has a 2 year shelf life.

BY NOGGITY, 03/07/2019

Great product

Great sun protection. Used this over a number of years in Northern Cyprus with temperatures up to 40 degrees and have not had any problem with burning. Easy to use and is not greasy. Prefer the family one to the sports felt we had more protection. Also my husband has had no problem with prickly heat since we started using it. Would not use anything else when we go away.

BY LUCY, 07/06/2019

Best sunscreen ever used

May seem more expensive than other 'leading brands' but by far the best sunscreen I've ever used. I'm terrible at re-applying so always end up getting burnt, but with ultrasun that has never happened and I have fair skin. Also use for my toddler who has sensitive skin and where other creams bring her out in a rash, ultrasun does not.

BY BY AMANDA, 02/06/2019


This is a brilliant product, I have sensitive skin this doesn't irritate and lasts all day and I did not get heat rash
Great product

BY KAREN F, 18/05/2019

Great protection and good for skin

This has been the best sun protection I’ve used to date. It’s non-greasy and light but and if you’re like me who perspires a lot on holiday, it didn’t clog my skin and make you bumpy and lumpy like some others. I’m definitely diverted to Ultrasun now.

BY MRS MS, 08/04/2019

Our tried and trusted family protection

The kids and I suffer from prickly heat. We never get this with Ultrasun. For a family, I have peace of mind knowing that I can apply it to the children in the morning, and they are protected at school. Glides on, doesn’t make my skin feel congested (even my husband diesn’t complain - who usually hates applying sun creams), and skin feels soft and protected in the sun. A great all rounder for the family. I wish it wasn’t so expensive but then you get what you pay for.

BY RO, 14/06/2018

Best sun cream out there

The best sun cream out there. Expensive but if you suffer from prickly heat or eczema etc this is by far the best I have used. A 400ml bottle last a 2 week holiday for 3 of us last year and had some left over to use when the sun does come out eventually here. Delivery was great ordered it on the Tuesday and I had it by the Thursday afternoon.

BY CRYSTALGLOW, 31/03/2018

Great for our eczema-prone family

This is, hands down, the best sun screen we as a family have ever used and - best of all - all of us can use it. Some of our family have eczema and it took me years to find a sun screen that a) worked and b) didn’t cause a flare up of eczema and I’m pleased to say Ultrasun ticked the boxes. The cream isn’t too heavy, sinks in easily and doesn’t leave any stickiness. It really does protect you all day (but it is important that you put it on half an hour before going out in the sun). We do re-apply if we have been in the water a while or had a rub down with a towel; better to be safe than sorry. Since using Ultrasun, none of us have ever burned and nobody has had a flare up of eczema whilst using suncream. I would highly recommend it.

BY DIANA, 26/03/2018

It really is once a day - great suncream

This is the best suncream I have found. I buy the large family packs every year. The children use it for all- day protection at school in the summer and the whole family use it on holiday. We do always apply 30 mins or more first thing in the morning before going outside but no burning, even though we all have fair skin and the children are in and out of the pool. I used to suffer from prickly heat and don’t with this suncream. I use the 50spf in hotter climates but the 30spf is a bit easier to apply.

BY MAM2CAM, 23/03/2018


Amazing product! Myself & my sons find ourselves in agony every year on holiday due to sun lotions & after sun lotions stinging & drying out our skin. Not last year though & it was all down to a friend recommending ultrasun! Expensive but worth it & I've already been stocking up on more ultrasun products just in case we go abroad this year!

BY SINEAD , 21/03/2018

Great for all the family

Great coverage for the whole family. I get sun allergy usually but ultrasun seems to have eradicated this. Brilliant when kids going to school and knowing that their sun protection will last all day. I purchased the larger pump cream and it’s great because it is stable for 2 years.

BY SALLY, 18/03/2018

Ultrasun spf30 Family

Ultrasun SPF30 family is the only sun protection that I use on my family. I’m fair skinned and suffered for years with prickly heat. I apply it in the morning before we go to the pool then I can relax knowing that we won’t burn or suffer itchy rashes. It’s fantastic! Been using it for five years now and the pump dispenser is the best with kids.

BY KATIEJD, 16/03/2018

Holiday Essential

This is our ‘go to’ product for family holidays. We’ve been using Ultrasun products now for around 6 years and to date, no one has burnt. Great for children who hate putting sunscreen on and are never out of the water!!! Highly recommend!

BY FLO, 01/03/2018

Tried, tested and trusted.

This is our go to suncare. We use various products across the range, Family 30, Glimmer 20 and the best aftersun ever! I can honestly say that the product delivers exactly what it promises. Having used this product for the past 6 years we would not buy any other. Already planning our repeat order for this year in preparation for summer. We have recommended ultrsun to family & friends and they are now also converted. Thank you Ultrasun

BY BUB, 05/05/2017

The Best.

Bought this product last year for our holiday in Greece, not one bit of sunburn on any of the family, non greasy, (absolutely hate suncreams that leave you greasy) one application a day, brilliant, still using it, will not use any other suncream Highly recommend

BY MUM OF FOUR , 31/08/2016

The best sun cream on the market

I use this every summer on the children. We put it on in the morning and don't worry for the rest of the day. It's an amazing product and my children have never burnt. I recommend it to everyone

BY ALLIH01, 19/08/2016

I wouldn't use anything else on holiday!

I use the whole Ultrasun range on me and my family and the 30 is perfect for me on holiday. I've suffered with prickly heat in the past and it's definitely helped prevent it. It's free from nasties (Piz Buin made me react once) so great for sensitive skin. I love the fact that I can apply a really good cover all over in the morning all over and because I'm not having to reapply every few hours I don't get strap marks etc. You might need to top up later in the day depending on how hot it is (needed to in the Caribbean), how much you've been in the water and how exposed your skin has previously been. I might need to top up at the beginning of a holiday if I'm previously quite pale. My skin will burn without sun cream but will tan as long as I'm careful. My husband tans easily with or without cream but he still tans with the 30. The big bottle, although expensive, does last a long time and works out more economical. Gorgeous shop are competitive with their prices too, especially when you get a discount code!

BY DPRICE, 05/08/2016

Prickly heat sufferer (severe)

Amazing product - I suffer from extremely severe prickly heat. Just used this product (recommended from friend) on a holiday in Mexico where it was average 35' daily, suffered very little with prickly heat (just under top of skin), not itchy or visible. Applied each morning and afternoon. Will definitely be purchasing / using on every holiday from now on.

BY MARBS, 04/08/2016

Offers Excellent Protection

I suffer badly from prickly heat. I've tried all types of sunscreen with limited success but I used this in Corfu recently and got a great tan with no burning or prickly heat. During the recent hot weather in London I used it on sensitive areas (face, chest etc) but foolishly used another sunscreen on legs and arms. Guess what? Dreadful prickly heat on those areas I hadn't applied Ultrasun: it was very painful and took ages to go.
I would highly recommend Ultrasun for those with sensitive skin.

BY CHARLIE567, 19/07/2016

Excellent sunscreen, great for all skin esp. Children/sensitive

I first started using Ultrasun two years ago on my daughter who suffers from eczema and prickly heat when we are on holiday in Greece. The first year we used it she didn't suffer with any prickly heat at all during our three week holiday. Last year all four of us in our family used the same Ultrasun cream which saved on space in our luggage and 2 large bottles lasted the whole 21 days with re-application when we had been in the water for a long time. I'm incredibly pleased with this sunscreen and will be using this brand for many years. Not only do I like the large family bottles but the face protector and shimmer range add something extra/different for me.

BY SOPHIE , 17/06/2016

Brilliant suncream

I will never use another suncream. Perfect for my sun sensitive skin.

BY HEATHER, 12/05/2016

A favourate

This is a brilliant product, with having children with sensitive skin this doesn't irritate and lasts all day. We do reapply if its very hot and they are doing a lot of swimming, but more for our own piece of mind

BY NOGGITY, 26/04/2016

great product

A great product that we have used for about 5 years whilst visiting Northern Cyprus, it has given us full protection from the strong sun. Skin feels soft and moisturised when it is on. Gives good protection after we had been in swimming as well. Highly recommended. Great not having to keep applying suntan lotion throughout the day,

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