Tweezernan Point Tweezer - Stainless Steel

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The Tweezerman Point® is a finely tapered tweezer with precision points that are hand-filed and perfectly aligned, making them ideal for stubble, ingrowns, and baby-fine brow and facial hair.

- To ensure the most painfree plucking take a hot shower or use a warm flannel to open your pores.

  • Begin to tweeze in the direction of hairgrowth to minimize breakage.
  • Never tweeze above the eyebrows, and remember less is more!
  • Use a cold damp flannel to close your pores post-tweezing.
  • Use Tweezerman After Tweeze™ Soothing Cream — which works to counteract redness and irritation while moisturizing and soothing tender brow areas.

    When using to remove in-grown hairs:

  • Cleanse skin and disinfect tip of tweezer with alcohol or peroxide.
  • After any work under the skin, clean area again with disinfectant.

  • Tweezerman has always been the top of any Gorgeous Girls list for beautiful brows, Gorgeous Shop adores these precision points for the more delicate areas that need attention to detail!

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