Tisserand Aromatherapy Aroma Spa Diffuser

Ideal for: Those who love to indulge and unwind with aromatherapy.
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Combining a lightweight and elegant design with the benefits of ultrasonic aroma technology, the Tisserand Aroma Spa Diffuser creates a delicate and fragrant mist that envelops the room.

Vibrating water molecules at a specific frequency which switched on, the diffuser produces steam with tiny bubbles via heated water. By heating your chosen essential oil in the water reservoir, the steam rises and bubbles break to form a fine vapour.

Chromatherapy also comes into play, with gentle variations of soft coloured light.

*Please note Tisserand are in the process of updating their packaging to new and improved designs. Please be aware that imagery on site may differ to what you receive.

  • Touch the Mist button once for a short time until a green light comes on at intervals (30 seconds of diffusion followed by 30 seconds of pause before the cycle restarts).
  • Press the Mist button a second time and the green light will turn red, indicating that the mist will be continuously diffused.
  • When you press the Mist button a third time, the mist will stop being diffused and the light will turn off. It is possible to stop diffusion and lighting at any time by keeping the Mist button depressed.
  • So good that we're getting one for Gorgeous HQ, this modern diffuser is perfect for helping create your desired ambience in any environment.

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