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Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

From 'The Rachel' to Gwen Stefani's iconic blonde, we all hold a famous hair hero close to our hearts. But which A-lister's locks came in top of the crops when we asked you to nominate your hair icon?

Back in February, when London Fashion Week was in fully swing, we asked you to nominate your hair heroes. You nominated over 85 individuals via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but who came in top of the tresses?

  1. Jennifer Aniston

    Name a more iconic style. The undeniable must-have mane of the ’90s, Jennifer Aniston’s Friends’ alter ego Rachel Green’s tresses still give us envy. Coming in at number one over ten years after the last episode aired, it’s no surprise that nearly 20% of you chose Jennifer as your ultimate hair icon.

    What you said: ‘Jennifer Aniston’s hair always looks so healthy and shiny and prefect.’ Reina Manning, Facebook

  2. Holly Willoughby

    Beautifully blonde, whatever the shade, it’s no surprise Ms Willoughby landed herself a contract with a major beauty brand. With thick and healthy looking locks, despite being a bottle blonde, Holly’s earned her spot at number two.

    What you said: ‘Holly always has amazing hair. The colour, the style…why can’t I get my hair to do the same?!’ sophieb051, Instagram

  3. Cheryl Tweedy

    From long and bronde to a bright red bob, Cheryl’s changed up her tresses many times over the years. Whatever the style, one thing’s for certain, we’ve always envied her mane.

    What you said: ‘Cheryl’s hair ALWAYS looks amazing.’ Linda Hobbs, Twitter

  4. Kate Middleton

    Oh Kate. She may be a duchess, but she’s the queen of the classic bouncy blow-dry. It was no surprise to #TeamGorgeous when Kate came in the top five. From her perfectly coiffed Chelsea blow-out to the time she went for a ’70s-inspired style, Kate can do no wrong in the ‘heir’ department.

    What you said: ‘Kate Middleton’s hair always looks elegant and gorgeously glossy!’ – R3Amelia, Twitter

  5. Blake Lively

    The ultimate blonde bombshell. From strawberry and sandy hues to beachy lived-in highlights, Blake Lively’s locks rival Rapunzel’s. This Gossip Girl graduated to silver screen siren with ease and her lust-worthy locks have stayed stunning every step of the way.

    What you said: ‘Her hair has always looked thick, shiny and long and she seems to be able to style it so easily!’ – smeane, Instagram

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