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What Is the Best Toning Shampoo To Use On Coloured Hair?



Daisy Churchward

Daisy Churchward

It doesn’t matter how amazing your colourist is, without the right aftercare your colour won’t look its best for as long as you would like. Heat styling, washing your hair with the wrong shampoo and even pollution can cause your colour to fade and turn brassy. And that’s where toning shampoos come in.

Trouble is there are so many pigmented shampoos out there. How do you know which is the best toning shampoo to use on your coloured hair? Keep scrolling for our go-to guide…

Redken‘s Color Extend range of shampoos and conditioners is focused on toning your colour but also nourishing the strands because at Redken we know that both fresh hair colour and soft, shiny, manageable texture are key to feeling confident about your strands!

So how do you find your perfect toning shampoo? “The key is to think of the colour wheel,” says Ant Rawlings, Creative Director at Lockonego for Redken. “Each colour will ultimately cancel out it’s opposite. Blue shampoos help to eliminate unwanted warm tones such as orange and red. Purple helps to remove yellow and brassy tones. Finally, silver will provide a cleaner and more natural finish in gray hair.” 

Meet the Redken Color Extend Toning Shampoos

If you have blonde or grey hair and you notice it can turn yellow or you’re brunette and constantly dealing with unwanted warmth then you should definitely factor a toning shampoo into your routine. 

Redken has three different toning shampoos to choose from and finding the best one for your colour is the key to happiness (well, hair happiness anyway).

Best Toning Shampoo For Blondes: Redken Color Extend Blondage 

best toning shampoo for coloured-hair blondes from redken

Whether your hair is naturally blonde or your blonde comes from a bottle, the Blondage range will keep your colour looking creamy and bright. And this purple shampoo boasts ultra violet pigments and Triple Acid Protein complex. This helps to tone and strengthen your strands at the same time. Expect stronger, shinier and brighter looking blonde hair if you use the shampoo twice a week for two weeks. 

purple shampoo

There is also a mask in the Blondage range that is like a super shot of pigments for banishing stubborn yellow tones, as well as for zapping hair with serious nourishment.

Best Toning Shampoo For Grey Hair: Redken Color Extend Graydiant

best toning shampoo for grey hair from redken

Designed with grey hair in mind, this silver and purple pigmented shampoo keeps your grey hair looking cool and clean. The shampoo and conditioner in the Graydient range deposit neutralising colour pigments to cancel out unwanted yellow and orange tones and leaving hair feeling soft and looking shiny. 

Best Toning Shampoo For Brunettes: Redken Color Extend Brownlights

For natural brunettes that love their colour to look cool or for brunettes with highlights, babylights or balayge that find their lightened pieces turn brassy, the Brownlights colour-depositing shampoo and conditioner is for you. Moreover, with new progressive color deposit technology and blue pigments, this shampoo imparts the perfect amount of blue pigments into the strands every time you wash your hair.

best toning shampoo for brunettes from redken

Brassy tones often appear in brunette hair around 4-6 weeks after a colour appointment but this duo will keep warm tones at bay until your next salon appointment. For instance, use a blue shampoo if you have orange hair! Unlike the Graydiant and Blondage ranges that shouldn’t be used for the first couple of weeks after colouring, you can use Brownlights from your first post-salon at-home hair wash and it will keep topping up your strands with blue pigments to stave off warmth and brassiness for longer. Brilliant!

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