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It’s Time Sun Protection Got Inclusive



Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

Skin cancer is on the rise. The most common form of cancer in the UK, around 42 cases were diagnosed daily in 2014. Despite studies showing that black people are less likely to develop skin cancer than Caucasians, they are more likely to die from it. Something's got to change.

Ask yourself this, when’s the last time you saw a person of colour in an advertorial for sun protection? This lack of representation in the sun-care arena is doing nothing to help the myth that black skin doesn’t need sunscreen.

The Black Skin Directory has partnered with Ultrasun to launch the UK’s first initiative to highlight the need for sun protection amongst the black population.

Dija Ayodele, Aesthetician and founder of Black Skin Directory

“Black skin may be ahead of the game with a natural SPF of about 13, but that is not enough sun protection. A broad-spectrum suncreen of SPF30 and above is essential. Black skin can still suffer burns from being unprotected in the sun. This is an indication that damage is happening further down in the dermal layers. Studies show that while black people are less likely to develop melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer than Caucasians, they are more likely to die from it because it’s usually detected at the later stages when it’s more challenging to treat. This is partly down to the misconception that the sun doesn’t harm black skin, hence we are less vigilant about our application of sun protection.”

Abi Cleeve, MD at Ultrasun UK

“A high UVA % filter preferably of over 90% and SPF (UVB) of at least 30 is equally crucial for darker skin tones. UVA’s link to the cause and worsening of hyper-pigmentation and ensuring that sun protection is a daily skincare step is the best prevention. Application is also key to ensure maximum benefit. Protection should be applied indoors at least 15 minutes before going outside, including under makeup as a primer all year round. Ultrasun has sun protection products for all skin types that deliver high, broad spectrum protection. These leave none of the chalky residue that those with darker skin tones are understandably keen to avoid.”

Ultrasun offers a variety of products to suit different requirements and preferences. The Sports Gels (available in SPF20, 30, 50 from £14) is a transparent gel formula particularly suited to darker skin tones; rapidly absorbing and invisible on the skin leaving no chalky appearance.

Formulated in Switzerland using patented liposome technology, Ultrasun offers long-lasting, photostable, broad spectrum sun protection that is water, sweat and towel resistant.

The non-greasy, fast absorbing easy to apply formulas give high level protection against harmful UV and Infrared – A rays. The entire Ultrasun range is free from emulsifiers, perfumes and preservatives reducing the risk of an allergic reaction and prickly heat.


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