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Sun Protection with Skincare Benefits – Q&A with Ultrasun



Madi Cardoso

Madi Cardoso

We caught up with the experts on all-things sun protection to discuss how they incorporate additional skincare benefits into their high-performing SPF solutions.

If there’s one thing you need to include in your daily beauty regime – it’s sun protection. Not only does sunscreen shield your skin from sunburns, it also helps prevent premature ageing (like the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles) and discolouration.

But what if your SPF could have (even more) benefits beyond UVA/UVB defence? What if it could also tackle pigmentation, deliver hydration or impart a shimmery glow?

model holding ultrasun product which offers sun protection with skincare benefits

Introducing Ultrasun’s Sun Protection Solutions with Skincare Benefits

Passionate about sun care, Ultrasun create science-backed formulas that effectively protect your skin from the harmful effects of over-exposure to sun rays.

Continuously investing in innovation and research, the award-winning brand creates unique sunscreen formulas that provide additional skincare and beauty benefits. Their SPF 50+ Anti Pollution Face Fluid, for example, restores optimum moisture levels, reduces the visibility of UV/Infrared-A and pollution-induced ageing AND makes a great everyday makeup primer.

Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Benefit Sunscreens

We posed some questions to the cutting-edge brand to find out all about their sun protection with skincare benefits:

Q: I have SPF in my moisturiser and/or makeup. Is this enough sunscreen?

{Answer} No, SPF in skincare or makeup is not broad-spectrum sunscreen. They may contain SPF15 which will deliver low-level protection from burning but that doesn’t protect from damaging UVA rays that penetrate deep into your skin. 

UVA rays are present 365 days a year regardless of climate.  They are responsible for up to 90% of premature ageing and they are the rays that may cause long-term damage such a melanoma.

ultrasun sun cream on orange background

Make sure to apply sunscreen to exposed skin to effectively protect it.

It’s also important to apply the correct amount of sunscreen. You should apply 1.5ml  (2 pumps) of sunscreen to your face and the same again for neck and décolletage. This is more than we usually apply when using makeup or skin care.

Q: I don’t like the feeling of greasy sunscreen on my face and it ruins my makeup. How are Ultrasun’s formulas different?

{Answer} We hear you, it’s one of the reasons that many of us aren’t using sunscreen. 

Ultrasun formulas are fast-absorbing and grease-free. They use lamellar technology made of layers of gel structures that penetrate into your skin to release filters and actives throughout the day. This means the formula doesn’t sit on the surface of your skin but behaves like a primer to smooth the way for flawless makeup.

Q: Why should I use a different SPF formula on my face? And what benefits do Ultrasun’s products deliver?

{Answer} Ultrasun have enriched their Face formulas with clinically proven skincare actives.  They are encapsulated with UV filters in the Lamellar gel structures so that their benefits are drip fed in a controlled dose from deep within the skin layers.

Ectoin is a rare enzyme that has been clinically proven to protect the skin cells from extreme environmental aggressors as well as from UVA.  It has also been shown to improve hydration levels for up to 7 days!

ultrasun formula for sun protection with skincare benefits on red background

Powerful antioxidant GSP-T strengthens and neutralises free radicals and which attack our skin daily due to internal and external aggressors.

Broad-spectrum sunscreen also protects from HEVL, also known as Blue Light, to which we are increasingly exposed to through our devices and screens, as well as invisible Infrared A light

Q: I have pigmentation; how do I prevent further damage? And which Ultrasun sunscreens should I use?

{Answer} Pigmentation is the dark patches that appear on the face, neck and décolletage and it’s one of the most common signs of damage from sun exposure. Although usually harmless, it is a sign that melanocytes have been overstimulated. Many believe this is irreversible until they discover Ultrasun’s Anti-pigmentation formulas containing Hexylresorcinol which has been shown to reduce pigmentation within 10 days. 

Q: What About Tinted SPF? Will it Suit My Skin Tone?

{Answer} Ultrasun’s Face Tinted options rival BB or CC Creams using intelligent colour to adjust to your skin tone. Light coverage for fair skin tones and soft glow for darker skin tones.  A perfect choice for “no-makeup” days.

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