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Summer Holiday Scents with Shay & Blue



Holly Baldwin

With the summer holidays coming to an end, let’s make the most of the hot weather while it lasts by spritzing on some summer holiday scents.

From classic elegant florals to vibrant and juicy fruits, your signature summer holiday scents are just a spritz away.


Light and refreshing scents are many people’s go-to summer staple for a reason. Fragrances with notes of citrus e.g. orange and lemon create a mouth-watering zesty and clean scent. A citrus scent complements a hot summer’s day like nothing else. 

Shay & Blue’s Blood Oranges is one such fragrance. Refreshing citrus notes of blood orange blend with hints of leafy greenery for a scent ideal for a weekend picnic in the park at the height of summer.


Floral scents are synonymous with springtime, but they can make some of the best summer perfumes. Choosing a floral perfume with light florals instead of heavy, rich ones is the key to the ideal summer floral scent.

Tallulah’s Camelia is a spirited floral fragrance that incorporates notes of bluebell, gardenia and lily to create a floral explosion. You’ll feel so relaxed, as if you’re walking through a floral garden on a perfect summer’s day.

Cotton Flower is a fresh fragrance with notes of iris, cashmere woods and cotton flower. This clean and fresh combination creates a light summery fragrance.


Fruity fragrances are refreshing, sweet, and perfect for summer. 

Melrose Apple Blossom by Shay & Blue combines a fruit note of crisp apple with a stunning and elegant floral note of blossom and a gourmand note of caramel to create a delicious and light scent.

White Peaches is summer in a bottle. This bright and fun scent boasts notes of white peaches, elderflower and silver birch. A single spritz of this fragrance feels like a glass of prosecco in the sun.

For a boost of zingy freshness on the lips and cheeks, why not try Shay & Blue’s new Watermelons Lip and Cheek Tint. Fragranced with watermelon, this nourishing tint adds a pop of glossy colour with a delicious scent.

These lip and cheek tints come in multiple colours and flavours, so you can add a delicious pop of colour to your chosen look.

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