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Restoring balance during the menopause



Nicole Walker

A hormonal imbalance due to menopause can make women feel like they are in a constant state of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Some of the emotional changes experienced by women undergoing menopause can include mood changes, irritability, fatigue, feelings of sadness, anxiety, aggressiveness and tension.

Mood is considered to be one of the most common symptoms of menopause, around 70%* of women experience mood changes. Often, these symptoms can be managed through lifestyle changes, such as learning ways to relax and reduce stress. Here at Gorgeous, we are recommending products to bring back a sense of balance to your life this World Menopause Day (18th October).

Balancing mood with Tisserand essential oils

Harmonise Inner Emotions with the new Tisserand Restore Balance range. Centred around a naturally mood-balancing and empowering blend of Geranium, Rose and Clary Sage to support and ease changes in mood, through the body’s natural cycles and life stages. The whole range is vegan and uses only 100% pure and natural essential oils.

Research has shown that inhaling essential oils can alter your hormone levels and bring a sense of balance back to your life.** The comforting aroma of Geranium can soothe emotional turmoil, while nurturing Rose can gently release tension and promote self-esteem. Uplifting Clary Sage can revive yet relax the mind to combat mood imbalances associated with the menopause and monthly cycles.

3 out of 4 women experienced more settled emotions after using the blend for two weeks. (Response from 116 menopausal and perimenopausal women).

The Roller Ball is a great introduction to the blend, it’s the perfect trial before committing to a bigger purchase.

Additionally, the Discovery Kit is also a fantastic introduction to a number of the products, perfect for trial and it is also great for gifting. Containing Massage & Body Oil, Body & Room Mist, and a Pulse Point Roller Ball, to help you harmonise your inner-emotions wherever you are.

Multi-benefit menopause products:

The Restore Balance Body & Room Mist although designed to settle your mood and emotions, a quick spritz can help to cool the skin, the multi-benefit product therefore helps with hot flushes associated with the menopause.

If you’re struggling with cramps, we recommend using the Restore Balance bath oil, having a warm bath can help relieve cramping and this luxurious mood-balancing blend will also help you feel yourself again as well as being perfect for all over hydration, moisturising and nourishing.

Follow with the Restore Balance Body Oil, massaging into areas of the body that are feeling achy, for the complete balancing ritual.

Balancing mood with supplements

Solgar Menoprime 30 Tablets provides whole-body, hormone-free, plant-based support for women aged 45 and over. The supplements contain a unique combination of two clinically studied botanical extracts, Saffron and Siberian Rhubarb which are clinically suggested to offer non-hormonal, botanical support for mature women, supporting calm and relaxation.

Want help with other menopausal symptoms?

Improving sleep during the menopause

We recommend Tisserand’s Sleep Better range for those having trouble sleeping during menopause. Made with 100% natural pure essential oils of jasmine, sandalwood & lavender, these Tisserand formulas help you switch off, drift off and recharge.

Menopausal brain fog

Struggling with brain fog? Tisserand’s Aromatherapy Mind Clear Diffuser Oil 9ml is the perfect solution. Combining 100% natural pure essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon, this indulgent diffuser oil will help to relieve pressure and focus the mind.

Balancing troubled skin during the menopause

During the menopause, estrogen levels significantly drop. Not only does this causecommon symptoms such as mood changes and hot flushes, but it can also affect our skin. Common skin concerns during this time are dryness, sensitivity, redness, a lack of firmness and occasionally, hormonal breakouts. Whatever changes you’re experiencing, here are our top product recommendations for menopausal skin:

ELEMIS Pro-Definition Lift Effect Day Cream: A firming, plumping and tightening moisturiser that targets slacken, weak skin. It restores skin’s vitality and improves skin’s texture to leave skin feeling more resilient.

Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Moisturiser: Plumps, hydrates and nourishes dry skin whilst improving the skin’s natural barrier, reducing sensitivity and increasing elasticity.

Dermalogica AGE Smart Overnight Repair Serum: The overnight treatment reduces fine lines, increasing collagen renewal and boosting skin’s radiance. Extracts of Argan Oil, Vitamin E and essential Fatty Acids nourish, condition and revitalise skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Skin Doctors Eyetuck: Effectively reduces the appearance of bags under your eyes without going under the knife! Conditioning and moisturising the area under the eye, skin will appear smooth and firm. Formulated with the effective power of Eyeseryl, a tetra peptide which removes any excess water around the eyes that may build up and create puffiness and redness.

Elemental Herbology Purity Facial Oil: A lightweight breakout treating oil. It targets acne and hormonal congestion while maintaining skin hydration and reducing inflammation. A powerful combination of Salicylic Acid and Bakuchiol (a natural alternative to retinol) unclog blocked pores, leaving skin clear. Bakuchiol can also help to smooth skin tone and improve elasticity for clearer, firmed and even-toned skin.

Balance Me Pre and Probiotic Cleansing Milk: Gently cleanses, removing SPF, makeup and pollution for a clearer and calmer complexion. Boasting the brand’s signature bio-active pre and probiotic complex, this milk cleanser strengthens skin’s delicate microbiome protective barrier. Additionally, Salicylic acid and willow bark gently exfoliate skin, while manuka honey and oat milk deliver a soothing effect. A powerful antioxidant, rosehip seed oil encourages optimal cell growth and skin renewal. Furthermore Squalene acts as a barrier to keep moisture locked in for plumper, suppler skin.

DECLÉOR White Magnolia Rosy Cream: Made with 97% natural-origin ingredients, this regenerating moisturiser combats the visible signs of ageing, including loss of firmness. Boasting lactic acid, the White Magnolia Rosy Cream renews skin and delivers a healthy rosy glow. Lastly, it’s rich texture instantly hydrates and smooths skin, so it looks and feels firmer and bouncier, with attenuated wrinkles.


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