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Preventing & Reducing Hair Fall – Our Ultimate Product Guide



Madi Cardoso

Madi Cardoso

Featuring high-performance solutions from BAMBeautiful, Hairgain and Kérastase’s Genesis.

Did you know that we lose about 50 to 100 hair strands per day*? From hormonal fluctuations and stress to diet and sleep, hair fall can be directly or indirectly caused by many factors – and this is part of everyday life.

Sometimes, however, hair fall can become a frustration or concern, and that’s understandable. If that’s the case, just make sure to bear in mind that:

  • Hair loss is common
  • Hair loss is usually normal
  • Not all types of hair loss are permanent

Most importantly, know that there are quite a few solutions out there – and right here – to address the issue. We’ve rounded up some great products to help you take control and fight hair fall. Let us introduce you to #TeamGorgeous favourites BAMBeautiful, Hairgain and Kérastase’s Genesis:

BAMBeautiful – using the power of nature to strengthen fine, thinning hair

BAMBeautiful thickening shampoo for hair fall and hair loss

Winner of multiple awards, BAMBeautiful are committed to ‘bringing beauty into hair loss’.

Made from 90-95% of natural ingredients, including turmeric, organic pea sprout and AHAs, their products effectively combat hair loss while intensely nourishing your hair. They’re all cruelty free and vegan friendly too.

Begin your journey to healthier, fuller hair with BAMbeautiful’s The Perfect Start. It consists of a pack of four high-performance hair-care heroes for a complete care, treatment and styling regime. It includes a thickening, anti-hair-loss shampoo, a conditioning masque, and more.

BAMBeautiful The Perfect Start and scalp tonic for hair fall and hair loss

If you’re not ready to invest in a complete kit, why not give the BAMBeautiful Intensive Scalp Tonic a go? It’ll last you up to 50 applications when used on dry hair nightly.

Scalp Tonic is amazing – my hair looks thicker and in fantastic condition – Robin, Customer

Hairgain – feeding your follicles with scientific formulations

Hairgain GROW capsules for hair fall and hair loss

Hairgain harnesses the power of organic pea shoot and an exclusive derived ingredient (AnaGain) to stimulate molecules within your follicles to kick-start hair growth.

Hairgain’s vegan, gluten-free GROW promotes visibly thicker, stronger hair with just one month of use. It’s clinically proven to contribute to a 78% increase in hair growth.

Do keep in mind everyone is different, meaning results can vary from person to person.

organic pea shoot hairgain capsules for hair fall and hair loss

GROW is little different from typical haircare products – it comes in the shape of capsules to be taken twice daily. It truly is an easy-PEAsy treatment to follow.

See Real Stories of GROW’s success here.

Kérastase’s Genesis – addressing breakage-induced hair fall

kerastase genesis products including shampoo

With input from dermatologists and nutritionists as well as hairdressers, Kérastase’s new collection of haircare products – Genesis – offers a unique dual-action solution for hair fall which addresses:

  • Hair fall due to stress on the hair fibre
  • Hair fall from the mid-lengths due to breakage.

Genesis’ products are formulated with calming ginger root and professional-standard Aminexil to increase fibre strength and thus reduce breakage.

Give the Genesis Shampoo and Genesis Conditioner a try if your hair is prone to breakage – and complement with the Genesis Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant to achieve even better results.

kerastase genesis ampoules

If your concerns are more serious – and you’re looking for a stronger treatment – opt for the Genesis Ampoules instead. This is a great choice for post-partum hair loss, for example.

*NHS, Hair Loss, Accessed February 2020

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