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How NUXE is Committing to Protecting Bees



Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

It's no secret that bees are on the decline. You only have to look as far as Instagram to see people joining the teaspoon-of-sugar-water brigade thanks to a little nudge from Sir David Attenborough. So we were beyond happy to see one of our favourite brands, NUXE, taking action.

Whilst Brits are doing their bit in back gardens, NUXE has also been taking steps to protect the bees.

Having supported efforts to protect bees with the company ‘Un Toit pour les abeilles’ [a home for bees], by sponsoring beehives in France to develop new colonies, NUXE has stepped the efforts up for 2018.

NUXE and The Louvre

For a period of three years, NUXE is joining forces with the largest museum in the world. Supporting a sustainable development project, NUXE has created a floral meadow in the Jardin Raffet, helping protect the bees.

With the Louvre sharing concerns for the threatened species, the Jardins des Tuileries has always been a refuge in the heart of the French capital for bees.

With the new project featuring 6 beehives for the polen-gathering bees buzzing through the alleyways of the Domaine National du Louvre et des Tuileries, a beekeeper has also be assigned to the cause. The location is ideal, as bees gather pollen within a radius of 2 kilometres of their hive. This means that thanks to this project they can fly freely around the 23 hectares of the garden.

Why It’s So Important

If the bees disappeared, it would have dramatic consequences for the environment. An essential link in the preservation of biodiversity, bees play a central role in plants’ reproductive cycles.

Bees are also a part of history at the Louvre, where they feature on several external walls and many works thanks to their imperial symbolism.

Thanks to this important installation in the French capital, NUXE and the Louvre Museum are helping contribute to this important environmental issue.

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