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Daisy Churchward

Daisy Churchward

It’s the skincare ingredient which is consistently championed by dermatologists, journalists and beauty bloggers alike. We’ve all heard of its incredible ability to blur the appearance of wrinkles, clear uneven complexions and even reverse the signs of sun damage...

But with these promises of a more youthful skin, often comes stark warnings of sun sensitivity, potential irritation and the importance of gradual use. We caught up with team at skinSense to find out how Retinol is changing the face of skincare, not just the faces of those who use it.

Retinol is absorbed by the skin and converted into pure Vitamin A, an ingredient which encourages the skin’s primary renewal function and boosts collagen production, meaning that the skin appears clearer, brighter and firmer – all indications of a more youthful and healthy skin. (What’s not to love?)

Once the skin’s Retinoic Acid Receptors (RAR) are stimulated, all of the wonderful processes which help to keep skin looking and feeling their best are sped up. These processes tend to slow down as we age and so we want to give the skin a ‘kick-start’ in a way which is not irritating, but invigorating enough to see results. The longer-lasting signs of ageing, such as stubborn pigmentation and historic sun damage are targeted by this sudden boost of productivity and increased skin cell turnover helps to reduce their appearance.

Retinol for Skin

Abi Cleeve, founder and creator of skinSense says “I would advise starting gently when you are trying Retinol for the first time. It’s far better to use a percentage that is potent enough for results, but at a level that allows you to use continually without irritation”. The skinSense Retinol Serum, combines active encapsulated retinol at 0.3% with additional ingredients which are proven to support and improve the skin’s texture and hydration levels. At 0.3%, this concentration delivers consistent and buildable results and thanks to its micro encapsulation, the Retinol stays working in the skin for far longer, working throughout the day or night.

Retinol for Eyes

When it comes to the eye area, Abi suggests being even more mindful when using a Retinol. “The delicate skin around our eyes is not nearly as robust as elsewhere on our face. This means that not only does this area show the signs of ageing sooner (think fine lines and slackening) but is more likely to become irritated if a product is too harsh”.

This consideration for the eye area is the reason why skinSense have opted for a gentler approach which combines Retinol with Hyaluronic Acid in their brand new Retinol Eye Concentrate. “By dropping down to a 0.05% concentration of Retinol, and combining it with ingredients which deeply moisturise the skin, the concentrate works to resurface and rejuvenate the skin through deep hydration’. The formula is rich in Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient which can retain 1000 times its own weight in water draws moisture to the skin’s surface for an instant plumping effect – perfect for eyes which are beginning to show signs of ageing. By encapsulating Hyaluronic Acid in a lamellar formula, the skin benefits from a consistent moisture boost rather than a one-off surface only effect.

When asked for one final piece of skincare advise, Abi added “remember that something which suited your skin last year, may not work for you this year. A product which works wonders for your eye area may not have the same results elsewhere on your face. Our skin is an incredible organ but is constantly changing and totally unique.” So, skincare should never be ‘one size fits all’. By taking a ‘mix and match’ approach, especially when choosing powerful ingredients such as Retinol, you are able to find a routine which perfectly meets your skin’s individual needs – providing it with everything it needs to remain looking and feeling wonderfully healthy.

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