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Daisy Churchward

Daisy Churchward

skinSense means just that: skincare that makes sense to your skins needs - #TeamGorgeous take a look at the technology behind the brand.

skinSense is the technology-led brand from skincare expert Abi Cleeve. Abi introduced professional Swiss sun protection brand Ultrasun to the UK market over 20 years ago. Frustrated that the beauty industry often relies on old, outdated technology, Abi decided to use her knowledge of once-a-day sunscreen formulations to create a new skincare brand. skinSense brings together ground-breaking technology with the highest grade concentration of active ingredients to tackle the signs of ageing.

“There are some amazing technological advances available within skincare. If we can get UVA and UVB protection to stay in our skin all day long, then why can’t we do the same with hydration, firming, anti-ageing and all the other ingredients we want on our skin throughout the day and night?”


skinSense’s innovative lamellar technology delivers active ingredients deep into the skin’s system. This ensures they remain working for far longer than less advanced formulas. Composed of fine, alternating layers which form an even bond with the skin, lamellar gel structures create an invisible film around the ingredients, creating a ‘suit of armour’. This not only protects the precious contents, but supports the penetration and action of the ingredients into the skin. This then remains working throughout the day, and in the case of night time products, throughout the night.

The lightweight, gel-based formulations from skinSense contain a unique combination of cutting edge ingredients. They have been carefully selected for their superior skin compatibility. In some cases, the products have the ability to mimic the skin’s natural function and structure.

The skinSense signature collection tackles three key skin concerns: fine lines, pigmentation and loss of firmness. The range combines innovative staying-power of lamellar technology and targeted high-potency ingredients.


Signature Collection

Derived from cold-pressed Sesame seed, Linefill™ is an anti-wrinkle wonder complex which mimics the fatty Adipocyte cells in the skin. These cells keep our skin looking plump and youthful, but unfortunately deplete dramatically as we age. Linefill™ actively plumps the facial contours, smoothing the skin’s texture. This helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and also promotes skin hydration to restore skin’s youthful bounce.

To tackle uneven skin tone and pigmentation, Hexylresorcinol and Liquorice Extract stimulate cell renewal and circulation. This reinvigorates dull, older cells with renewed vitality, helping to reduce the intensity of existing pigmentation whilst protecting against future damage.

To fight tell-tale crepey skin and loss of density, anti-oxidant complex Omega-CTP and peptide complex Juvinity™ work to strengthen the skin’s structure and firmness by supporting the skin’s natural resilience and durability.


Hydranet Collection

Although the skin is the body’s largest organ, it only has a limited propensity to fight against environmental aggressors. Which are undoubtedly one of the biggest causes of poor skin health.

Many factors can contribute to dullness, skin dehydration, pigmentation and overall skin ageing:

  • UVA damage
  • airpollution
  • infared A
  • artificial environments
  • air cons
  • central heating

The skinSense Hydranet collection focuses on optimising the skin’s moisture levels and enhancing its natural protection from environmental aggressors.

  • The Hydranet collection from skinSense are formulated with the Hydra-Protect Complex. A combination of four active ingredients which protect the skin from external aggressors, and maintains skin’s optimum moisture content.
  • Comprised of Birch Bark extract and Barbary Fig seed oil, Hydro-Gain™ regenerates the skin’s lipid barrier and regulates moisture balance.
  • Fucogel® provides both short-term moisturisation, to protect from trans-epidermal water loss and long-term, slow-release hydration and reaching its peak after 3 hours.
  • The innovative Hyalu-Cage™ encases Hyaluronic Acid in cages, ensuring that the moisturising benefits are gradually released into the skin and sustaining powerful hydration.
  • Pollushield™ creates an undetectable barrier between the skin and external aggressors and enhances the skin’s natural protection and fighting oxidative stress.

The collections from skinSense have been created with the ability to be mixed and matched. Mix alongside other skinSense products or into your existing routine. Helping you to create a totally bespoke approach to skincare.

Modern. Logical. Effective.

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