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Kérastase: Sustainable packaging, formulas and production



Nicole Walker

Kérastase is dedicated to the sustainable use of materials, reducing water consumption and to achieving carbon neutrality.

Kérastase are innovating ways to reduce waste and empower their customers to make more sustainable choices. Their ambition is to combine their highest product efficacy with sustainable processes.

“We’re reducing our waste and optimising our packaging, reformulating our products and reimagining the fundamentals of how we deliver hair care. We continue to pioneer the future of hair care while driving positive change and striving to build a more diverse, inclusive and responsible future.” Rosa Carriço, Global Brand President, Kérastase.

Sustainable packaging

The revolutionary brand is creating a sustainable packaging program, swapping virgin materials (such as plastic) for recycled materials and packaging. Additionally, Kérastase are utilising refillable delivery systems.

Introducing the 1st Kérastase Refillable Shampoo Bottles:

Kérastase applied its innovative spirit to an entirely new shampoo delivery system. Available in five Kérastase ranges, the refillable bain provides a completely reusable, aesthetically pleasing shampoo bottle. The clever system reduces plastic waste, each pouch contains 82% less plastic than two single bottles!


In recent years the brand have significantly increased their use of recycled plastic. Last year, 64% of their PET (recyclable) plastic came from post-consumer recycled material. Since October 2021, all Kérastase retail shampoo bottles are made from 95% recycled plastic and are easily recyclable, excluding the cap. By 2030, Kérastase intend for 100% of the plastic they use to be issued from recycled or biobased sources.

Formulas from green science

Kérastase express a commitment to creating more formulas from green sciences. Consequently, they can use more sustainable raw materials (primarily of plant origin).

Today 100% of Kérastase Hyaluronic Acid is derived from green science technologies. Thanks to bio-fermentation, Kérastase extract hyaluronic acid from wheat with no chemical adjuvants. Then it is transformed into a highly concentrated powder added in its purest and most effective form to their formulas.


Achieving carbon neautrality

Since 2019 Kérastase factory in Burgos, Spain has achieved carbon neutrality by improving energy efficiency and using 100% renewable energy.

Reducing water consumption

Since 2017 at their Burgos, Spain production facility 100% of the water used for production processes is recycled and reused in a closed loop.

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