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Introducing the NEW Shu Uemura Izumi Tonic



Courtney Elvin

Find out how this ancient Japanese tradition can help the health & strength of your hair…

Your ideal daily dose of strength.

Introducing the Izumi Tonic from Shu Uemura the global beauty brand founded by Mr Shu Uemura in 1967 combing makeup, skincare, and hair into one innovative brand.

The history:

More than a thousand years ago, in the Heian period, women would use the ancient method of bathing in rice water to retain hair beauty. This meant that their floor-length hair stayed strong and healthy. Also used before combing by geishas to ensure hair is kept flawlessly smooth and shiny. Yu-su-ru was also used to firm and sooth geishas glowing skin.

The creation:

The tonic is infused with rice extracts sourced in Japan. The rice fields it comes from are cultivated with the help of ducks using an Asian eco-friendly farming system. This method is called aigamo it is based on the symbiotic relationship between the ducks and the fields.

Not only are the ingredients eco-friendly but the packaging is too. The easy-to-use bottle is made from 95% recycled plastic, the box is also made from recycled paper and eco-friendly ink.

Sharing beauty traditions:

The perfect strengthening and energising leave in hair tonic. Infused with Japanese rice water, hair appears stronger and healthier after 28 days and 10 times stronger. Top notes of tangy lemon and fresh bergamot sit nicely along side sweeter notes of ylang-ylang, sweet rice water and iris. Ideal for professionals or at home use.

This ancestral beauty tradition is encapsulated in a ready to use spray, which is easy to apply to hair anytime, anywhere. Rice extracts are rich in amino acids, vitamin E and B and minerals. These ingredients will help to restore damaged hair and increase moisture and elasticity strand by strand.

After shampooing and any other treatment application, the Izumi Tonic can be applied to the scalp and massaged in gently for an invigorating and relaxing moment. Perfectly partnered with the Shu Uemura art of hair ultimate rest range or essence absolue.

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