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How to Use OLAPLEX Hair Products



Nicole Walker

Wondering which Olaplex products to use? You're in luck, as we're breaking down what each Olaplex product does and how you can add them to your haircare routine. From shampoo, to conditioner to treatments to styling hero's up for grabs, there's something to suit all hair types and concerns.

What is OLAPLEX?

OLAPLEX developed with the assistance of world-class material scientists is a multi-step, hair strengthening treatment focused on restoring damaged and compromised hair by working to re-link its broken bonds. OLAPLEX products are all vegan and free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and Phosphates. Olaplex’s one-of-a-kind chemistry is proven to dramatically repair the hair from a molecular level, with their patented single ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.

For all hair types, bond-building is essential, especially for colour-treated and compromised. Our hair contains millions of disulfide bonds. These bonds give the hair its structure, strength and stability. Intact, aligned bonds equals healthy and radiant hair. When disulfide bonds are shattered it results in hair damage.

What causes hair damage?

Hair damage is caused by many factors:

  • Thermal: From high levels of heat from styling, e.g. curlers and blow dryers.
  • Chemical factors: Perms, keratin treatments and colouring, in particular bleach.
  • Mechanical factors: Brushing and pulling of hair.
  • Environmental factors: UV damage from the sun, and extreme weather conditions, e.g. extreme cold.
  • Pollution: Pollutants generate free radicals that penetrate the hair cuticle and cause damage.

Olaplex repairs all types of hair damage in all hair types, whether you have curly, fine or straight hair, Olaplex is for you. It is especially useful for those with visible damage. Once all the bonds are intact and in alignment, you’ll have healthy, beautiful, shiny, soft hair.

What are the stages of OLAPLEX?

Steps 0 and 3 through to 9, as well as the brand new N°4C, are fantastic at-home products, while steps 1 and 2 are in-salon services only and must be administered by the professionals.

The professional in-salon OLAPLEX steps:

No.1: Bond Multiplier can be put on the hair as a standalone treatment, or if you’re getting your colour done, it is mixed in with the bleach and put straight onto your hair in foils.

No.2: Bond Perfector is then put on the hair once the bleach is rinsed out and left to soak for a good 20 minutes.

No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment

What is it? Great repair calls for great prep. This miracle worker is is a primer for No. 3 which ensures maximum nourishment absorption for deeper repair.

How to use: Apply this treatment to clean, dry hair from roots to ends and comb through with a wide-tooth comb or wet brush to ensure saturation. Leave for 10 minutes, then apply No.3 Hair Perfector directly on top of No. 0 and comb again to saturate thoroughly.

No.3 Hair Perfector

What is it? A best-selling pre-shampoo treatment, infused with scientifically proven OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology™. The high-performance formula reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair, while hydrating and smoothing, ultimately restoring a healthy appearance and texture.

How to use: Use once a week or two to three times a week for damaged hair. Apply a generous amount from roots to ends alone on damp, towel tried hair or after using No. 0. Comb through once and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes. Rinse from hair and wash with No. 4 and No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner.

No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

What is it? A highly moisturising restorative shampoo that repairs and protects hair from everyday stresses, including damaged hair, split ends and frizz by re-linking broken bonds while also cleaning the hair and removing excess oil, dirt and product build-up. Leaves hair easier to manage, shinier and healthier with each use. N°4 is colour-safe and proven to reduce breakage and strengthen all types of hair.

How to use: Suitable for use every wash. Take a small amount, concentrate on roots and gently massage across damp hair to create a lather. Rinse thoroughly and follow with the No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner.

No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo

What is it? A highly concentrated purple shampoo to tone and repair while keeping hair hydrated and nourished from roots to ends. The sulfate-free formula neutralises brassiness and boosts brightness after one use for all blonde, lightened, and grey hair. It allows for customisable toning, the longer you treat, the brighter the results. Scientifically proven to achieve 3 x brighter hair compared to other top purple shampoos.

How to use: Apply to wet hair. Lather fully and let process for 1-3 minutes then rinse. For more intense toning, leave on up to 5 minutes. Tip: If hair has product build up, cleanse first with Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo. Follow with No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner for lightweight moisture or No.8 Bond Intense Mask for intense moisture.

NEW OLAPLEX! No.4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo

What is it? The formula erases hard water minerals, build-up, excess oil, heavy metals, chlorine and pollutants, gently removing everything you don’t want in your hair whilst simultaneously fortifying bonds and strengthening strands with its patented repair technology. – All without causing dryness because it is sulfate-free and pH balanced to maintain hydrated hair. The visible benefits are airy volume and softness, restored shine, vibrant colour clarity and a deeply clean scalp.

How to use: Apply to wet hair. Concentrate on scalp and work through to ends. Lather fully and let process up to 5 minutes. Rinse and follow with No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner for lightweight moisture or No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask for extra moisture.

No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

What is it? A highly-moisturising, reparative conditioner for all hair types that leaves hair easier to manage, shiner and healthier. Protects and repairs damaged hair, split ends, and frizz by re-linking broken bonds. It is colour-safe and will strengthen and leave your hair stronger than ever.

How to use: Suitable for use every wash. Apply after using OLAPLEX Shampoo. Use a generous amount and work through the lengths and ends. Leave for three minutes and rinse.

No.6 Bond Smoother

What is it? A revolutionary leave-in reparative styling treatment crème that you can use to tame unruly locks and frizz hydrate and protect all hair types, including coloured and chemically treated hair for up to 72 hours. This multi-purpose hair-care hero also ensures increased hair resilience and strength while working to reduce blow-dry times.

How to use: Apply product from mid-lengths to the ends after each wash, or as needed for styling.

No.7 Bonding Oil

What is it? A highly-concentrated, weightless reparative styling oil which repairs damaged and compromised hair, strengthens and protects the hair structure, restores healthy appearance and texture. The result is dramatically increased shine, softness and colour vibrancy and minimised frizz. An added benefit is that it provides heat protection up to 450°.

How to use: Use a few drops and smooth across wet or dry hair, or before styling with heat.

No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

What is it? A powerhouse concentrated hair mask which provides intense moisture to repair brittle, weak and damaged hair. Boasting patented OLAPLEX Bond Building technology, the mask smooths your locks while adding shine and body.

How to use: Apply to clean, damp hair with fingers and leave on for 10 minutes. OLAPLEX’S hair mask dispenses one dose at a time through its airless pump – adjust dosage according to hair length and use weekly to achieve maximum results.

No.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum

What is it? A weightless multi-use leave-in hair serum that is powdered by OLAPLEX’S patented bond-building technology. The silicone free formula is enriched with antioxidants that enhance any hair routine, protecting and perfecting all hair types. The serum acts as a shield against pollution for 48 hours, guards the hair from breakage and offers heat protection up to 450°F. Additionally, immediate visible benefits include silky shine and softness, detangling, frizz elimination, bounce back memory, curl and wave retention.

How to use: Use No.9 on days you wash your hair and any days in between for added protection. Apply a small amount to damp hair working upward from ends to roots. Use more as needed for longer, thicker hair.


And there you go, everything you need to know about OLAPLEX. Take it step by step and watch your hair return to its healthy, natural state. Featured in Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Marie Claire and ELLE, OLAPLEX is a firm industry favourite – and its inclusion in over 350,000 salons worldwide speaks for itself. Shop the full range at Gorgeous Shop. Already a convert? Get your hands on a money saving pack, containing No.3, No.4 and No.5!


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