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Hand Exfoliation with DECLÉOR’s Rosemary Scrub



Madi Cardoso

Keep your hands happy and healthy with the French brand's sublime new formula.

Exfoliating your hands removes dead cells from the skin’s surface. But how is this beneficial? And how can you do it at home? And how often should you do it?

#TeamGorgeous and DECLÉOR walk you through everything you need to know.

Why Is It Important to Exfoliate the Hands?

Sometimes dead cells aren’t naturally shed from your skin, which can lead to issues such as dryness or clogged pores.* Exfoliating your hands can help prevent this from happening.

Did you know? There are two methods of exfoliation – mechanical/physical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation relies on the use of a tool like a loofah, while chemical exfoliation harnesses the power of chemicals such as AHAs or BHAs to help remove dead skin cells**.

texture of decleor's rosemary formula for hand exfoliation

Benefits of Hand Exfoliation

By removing dead cells from the skin’s surface, exfoliating allows for better absorption of moisturisers and other skin treatments. This means your skin can then truly reap the benefits of your beauty regime.

What’s more, exfoliation unblocks clogged pores and makes space for new cells, so your skin is sure to feel softer and smoother.

How often you should exfoliate your hands depends on which exfoliator you’re using and on your skin type, so make sure to always check the product label.

NEW IN: Rosemary Hand Scrub, DECLÉOR’s Exfoliation Hero

With 99% natural-origin ingredients, including glycerine, walnut powder and rosemary essential oil, the Rosemary Hand Scrub works to purify, clean and exfoliate the skin. The result? Soft, happy, healthy hands.

Extracted from a little shrub called Rosmarinus Officinalis, rosemary essential oil is known for its excellent detoxifying properties. It helps expel toxins from the skin as well as balancing natural oils.

rosemary officinalis

#TeamGorgeous Reviews…

Here at Gorgeous Shop, we were lucky enough to try this luxurious hand scrub – and we absolutely loved it.

DECLÉOR are experts in harnessing the powers of one of nature’s most precious creations – essential oils. The Rosemary Hand Scrub is proof of this.

With a refreshing texture and scent, using the Rosemary Hand Scrub makes for a delightfully sensorial, soothing experience. It boasts a convenient pump for easy application too.

The best thing about this formula is that it can be used every day on all skin types – it’s that gentle. Our hands were left feeling truly refreshed and soft.

Top Tip: use the scrub with warm water and follow with a moisturiser for a boost of hydration.

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