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Hair Toning At Home: Matrix’s Ultimate Guide



Madi Cardoso

Madi Cardoso

Goodbye brassiness - Hello coolness. Learn how to make your colour last until the next salon appointment with help from the professional hair-care brand.

Why is Toning Your Hair Important?

After a visit to the salon, the colour of your hair can change over time due to many factors, such as natural oxidation, exposure to the sun and the excessive use of styling tools.

Toning your hair at home allows you to keep your colour in-between treatments. It helps remove and correct unwanted tones.

How Can You Tone Your Hair At Home?

It is possible – and easy – to maintain and repair your hair colour from the comfort of your own home. This can be done using a good toner specific to your hair needs.

A toner deposits pigments on your hair, ensuring your colour stays fresh, glossy and beautiful.

Did you know? The pigments in a toner are usually the opposite hue of your hair’s unwanted shade on the colour wheel to help balance it out.

No matter your hair shade, Matrix have got you covered with their range of powerful colour-correcting solutions – presenting So Silver, Brass Off and Dark Envy:

Matrix So Silver: Toning for Blonde, Platinum & Grey Hair

Let your hair shine with Matrix’s So Silver. Ideal for blonde, platinum and grey hair, this powerful range corrects unwanted yellow tones, blends whites and greys, or enhances platinum shades.

hair toning at home with matrix so silver purple shampoo

So Silver comprises of a professional-standard purple pigmented shampoo and conditioner which work together to eliminate brassy warmth while adding brightness and illuminating highlights.

Matrix Brass Off: Toning for Lightened Brunette or Balayage Brunette Hair

Cool down orange, brassy tones with the unique Brass Off system – ideal for brunettes who lighten their hair.

toning brass off range from matrix

Brass Off instantly refreshes your hair colour and banishes brassiness. Combine the Brass Off Shampoo and Conditioner for best results, plus the Leave-in Treatment for added nourishment.

Matrix Dark Envy: Toning for Dark Brunette Hair

Achieve enviable colour with Matrix’s Dark Envy, a specialist collection focussed on neutralising red undertones.

dark envy system for hair toning at home

Ideal for dark brunettes, Dark Envy uses a combination of blue-yellow direct dyes to effectively enrich dark bases, powering depth and a cool finish.

How to Use Matrix’s Toning Solutions

1. Wearing suitable gloves, apply the toning shampoo to wet hair, lather and rinse well. Repeat if necessary. For maximum results, leave second lather on for 3-5 minutes.

2. Follow with the respective-collection conditioner – apply to wet hair, lather with a massaging motion and rinse thoroughly.

Did you know? All the above formulas for hair toning at home are suitable for both colour-treated and natural hair.

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