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Hair Repair with Matrix’s Re-Bond System



Madi Cardoso

Madi Cardoso

Nourish, fortify and rebuild every lock from the comfort of your own home.

Over-shampooing, exposure to the sun, heat styling, dyeing – there are many factors which can weaken your hair. This often results in excessive breakage, split ends and dryness, for example.

Repairing such damage begins with understanding how hair structure works – and choosing the right treatments.

The Science Behind Damage & Repair – All About Bonds

Research specialists at Matrix explain that broken bonds are behind hair damage. If you repair these bonds – you repair your hair.

But what are hair bonds? It’s all to do with hair structure. Everyone’s hair is composed of protein, which in turn is made of amino acids. The coils of these amino acids connect and form polypeptide chains. These chains form bonds with each other, holding the hair together.

Hair bonds – and there are different types – are altered or even broken due to chemical processes, like when you lighten your hair.

Some of the damage done to broken bonds is irreversible – but some isn’t, which is where Matrix’s Re-Bond system comes in.

The Total Results Re-Bond System

Aimed at people with chemically damaged and over-processed hair in need of rescue, the ingenious Re-Bond collection works to repair internal strength and improve resilience.

Re-Bond is designed to be used as a complete system which can repair your hair after three lightening services (when used as directed for two weeks). This complete system comprises of a shampoo, pre-conditioner and conditioner which focus on fixing broken bonds.

3 Steps for Effective Hair Repair at Home

re-bond system from matrix for hair repair

1. CLEANSE with the Re-Bond Shampoo

Formulated with Citric Acid, this high-performance shampoo cleanses and frees your hair from product build-up, leaving it primed and ready for deep repair. Simply apply it to damp hair, massage and rinse.

2. RE-CONNECT BONDS with the Re-Bond Pre-Conditioner

The Re-Bond Pre-Conditioner is an ultra-intensive weekly treatment that harnesses the power of Maleic Acid to re-connect and fortify weakened bonds, building resilience and adding radiance to every lock.

3. SEAL with the Re-Bond Conditioner

Containing Taurine, this Matrix marvel seals-in moisture to hydrate and protect every strand from within, providing added resistance against future damage.

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Goodbye damage – Hello softness.

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