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Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

Here at Gorgeous Shop we're lucky enough to try some of the best products in the business. Every so often something comes along that we just HAVE to shout about, and this delectable duo from the skincare experts at Caudalie ticks every box.

The ultimate range for banishing dark spots and boosting radiance, Caudalie’s Vinoperfect is a fan favourite. Formulated to prevent the appearance of dark spots, even the skin tone and restore radiance and luminosity, it’s no surprise Team Gorgeous are fans too.

Last month Jess, Daisy, Clare and Katherine from Team Gorgeous put the Concentrated Brightening Essence and Radiance Serum to the test. Tested by 100 Stylist Beauty Council members with 88.2% saying their skin looked more radiant, 88.2% saying their skin felt clearer and brighter and 68.4% saying their skin tone was more even, we were eager to give it a try.

What We Tried

Concentrated Brightening Essence

Gentle and effective, first of all this formula’s inspired by the Asian skincare routine and leaves skin feeling plumper, smoother and more luminous. Enriched with Glycolic Acid to elminate dead skin cells, furthermore the formula also features Caudalie’s signature grape water for an added boost. Easily penetrating the skin, as a result it prepares the skin for the active anti-dark spot ingredients in the Radiance Serum.

During clinical studies, 88% reported more luminous skin, 32% reported a brightened complexion and 49% reported more refined skin.

Radiance Serum Complexion Correction

With clinical studies showing 83% of testers reporting a decrease in intensity of dark spots and 87% reporting brighter and more even skin, it’s clear this is a true hero product. Boosting radiance and making the skin tone more even, as a result this serum’s a cult classic.

What We Think

‘Very impressed with this Vinoperfect Duo! I have used both the Essence and Serum on a daily basis (morning and night) and as a result noticed a difference in skin-tone and texture within a few days. It gives me a clearer complexion and whilst it hasn’t completely removed my blemish marks it’s certainly made them a lot less noticeable. After my month of trialling there’s no doubt I’ll be carrying on using this.’
Daisy, Digital Designer

‘I’m beyond impressed with these products. I’ve been using them morning and night, accompanied by the Overnight Renewal Cream in the evenings, and as a result my skin is noticeably clearer. Not only have breakouts and blemishes diminished, but the texture and tone of my skin’s far more even too. I’m getting married this August, and therefore will definitely be continuing to use this Vinoperfect duo ahead of the big day!’
Katherine, Digital Content Executive

‘My complexion is actually clear in the morning! Finally! Some mornings my skin can look a bit red and blotchy. Since using the Vinoperfect Essence, Serum and Night Cream, I’ve found my complexion has looked a lot more balanced and even – The serum is so soothing. I’ve also noticed my makeup goes on smoothly and looks a lot brighter!’
Jess, Head of Content

‘The Brightening Essence is so refreshing and my skin feels cleansed after using. I followed with the serum which smells lovely and sinks into my skin leaving me feeling radiant.’
Clare, Content Co-Ordinator

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