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Madi Cardoso

Introducing the brand that’s organic for the planet... From sustainably sourced ingredients to recyclable packaging- Green People always consider the environmental impact of their every decision.

When Green People brought out their first skincare products in 1997, they pledged to make the best organic skincare and to never sacrifice their eco-friendly ethics for profit.

Fast forward to 2020 and they’re celebrating 23 years of championing organic, being regarded as one of the most ethical and eco-friendly beauty brands in the UK.

What Does Organic Mean?

Organic beauty products are natural skincare and cosmetics that are made with organically farmed ingredients. Organic means preserving the health of the soil.

To be organic, beauty ingredients cannot be grown with the help of chemical farming materials like certain pesticides and herbicides.

Cosmos Ecocert and The Soil Association are two of the leading organic beauty authorities. If they certify a beauty product as organic, it means that the product has met a series of strict standards which demonstrate that it was organically and ethically produced.

Are Green People Organic?

Green People is a natural skincare brand and their organic certification guarantees that their plant-based ingredients are organically farmed and sustainably sourced.

Green People make some of the best organic skincare products we’ve tried and has an extensive range of organic face products including moisturisers and face masks.

Every Green People product is made with certified-organic ingredients. What’s more, their planet-friendly values extend from their plant-based product ingredients right through to their packaging, which has to meet strict standards to secure organic certification.

5 Eco-Friendly Facts You Might Not Know About Green People

  • Green People was the first brand in the UK to be independently certified by three different organic certification bodies
  • Green People’s natural sun lotions are reef-safe and every time one is purchased, Green People donate to a marine conservation society
  • Green People’s packaging is all recyclable and their squeezy tubes are made from sustainable sugar-cane plastic
  • Green People have never tested on animals and is approved by PETA and the Vegan Society
  • Green People’s organic ingredients are fairly traded and this help support organic farming communities around the world

Create an Organic Skincare Regime

#TeamGorgeous loves Green People’s ethics. Here are some of our top-pick products for building an organic skincare routine that’s kind to the skin and the planet:


Green People’s Purifying Coconut Charcoal Face Mask is a phenomenal sustainable skincare buy for purging your pores of deep-grained dirt and impurities.

Green People Organic Purifying Coconut Charcoal Face Mask

We love: Its calming eucalyptus scent and how it gently draws dirt and pollution without making the skin feel tight or uncomfortable.

Planet-friendly points: Not only is this pampering plant-based detox mask 87% organic, it is also presented in eco-friendly glass packaging. It gets extra eco-points for being made with upcycled coconut shells too.


It was tough to pick a favourite product from Green People’s pampering plant-based body-care range. We love the indulgently rich Pure Luxe Body Oil – and how you only need to use a few drops of this nourishing home-spa skin treat to leave skin silky soft.

However, our top organic product pick is Green People’s Ultimate Wonder Balm. A botanic beauty balm that can be used for everything from soothing dry skin to cuticle care, the Wonder Balm sealed its spot in our organic star buys thanks to its versatility.

leaves with water droplets on white background

We love: Its chic, recyclable glass-tub packaging and how the delicate blend of pomegranate, perilla and rosehip oils bathes the skin in softening, rejuvenating natural goodness.

Planet-friendly Points: It’s verified by the Vegetarian Society. 99% of the ingredients in this botanical balm are certified organic. We gave this formula extra points because it is a water-less beauty product. What’s more, its versatility makes it easy for us to streamline our skincare routine.


Choosing our best bath buy was easy. We’ve cleared a space on our bathroom shelf for Green People’s Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner Duo.

bath water with fruits, flowers and leaves

We love: Using the deeply intensive natural conditioner as a hair mask. Once you’ve shampooed, apply the creamy, organic conditioner to the ends of your hair. Then, after 10 minutes of wrapping the hair in a warm towel, rinse it out to reveal noticeably softer, healthier locks.

Planet-friendly Points: This cruelty-free conditioner is 91% organic and, much like its botanic ingredients, its packaging is plant-based.

Did you know? Green People use sustainable sugar cane packaging for many of their squeezy tube products.

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