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Fighting Colour Fade – At Home with Matrix



Madi Cardoso

Madi Cardoso

Introducing the brand's low-maintenance solution for high-maintenance colours: 'Keep Me Vivid'.

From excessive heat styling to over-washing and sun exposure, there are many factors that affect and change your hair colour. In fact, without proper care, colour can quickly become faded and dull.

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner formulas is crucial to ensure that your salon-beautiful hue lasts for longer – and this is where expert Matrix comes in.

The Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Range for Colour-Treated Hair

Founded in 1980 by a couple of hairdressers, American leading-brand Matrix creates hair-care wonders that allow anyone and everyone to achieve salon-worthy results. Matrix’s mission is all about giving you the means to take full advantage of your creativity and talent.

The Matrix Keep Me Vivid range is no exception. Specifically aimed at people with colour-treated hair, Keep Me Vivid focusses on delivering enhanced vibrancy and protecting colour. It’s the perfect solution for keeping your hair radiant until the next visit to the hairdresser’s.

Anti-Colour-Fade Heroes

Keep Me Vivid harnesses the power of the latest technologies and innovations as well as of the best ingredients to fight colour fade. The range includes a high-performance shampoo, conditioner and leave-in formula.

The sulfate-free Keep Me Vivid Shampoo gently cleanses the hair and frees it from impurities, while the Keep Me Vivid Conditioner deeply nourishes every strand.

This powerful duo provides superior care to restore the strength, health and luminosity of your locks while combating colour fade. As if this wasn’t enough – both the shampoo and the conditioner boast a sweet, fresh-feeling fragrance with notes of coconut, vanilla and cotton candy for glamorously scented hair.

fight colour fade with matrix's keep me vivid velvetizer

The luscious Velvetizer Leave-in makes for the last step in protecting your hard-earned colour. With UV filters, this Matrix marvel defends your hair from the harmful effects of the sun, deflecting damage. Simply apply it to damp hair before drying and styling.

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Let your colour live longer with these powerhouse formulas from Matrix:

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