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Elemental Herbology: Which Is Your Element?



Madi Cardoso

Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, Wood... Let's delve into the world of Ancient Chinese Medicine.

With a clear focus on well-being and mindfulness, skincare-brand Elemental Herbology takes inspiration from long-lived philosophies of the East. These philosophies tell us that the universe is composed of and governed by five elements, those being fire, earth, water, metal and wood.

Each element is generally associated with different characteristics and meanings such as seasons, personality traits and preferences. At Elemental Herbology, each element is also linked to a specific skin type. The metal element, for example, is related to those with more mature skin looking to boost elasticity and reduce fine lines.

Discovering which Elemental Herbology element is right for you allows you to create a complete, tailored beauty regime.

The Fire Element

Elemental Herbology Element Fire

Season: Summer

Associated with: high energy & activity, ambitious people

Skin Type: congested – oily – prone to breakouts

Skincare Collection: Purity, which uses anti-inflammatory & antibacterial ingredients derived from tea tree, green tea and pumpkin, focussing on calming breakouts and balancing oil production.

The Earth Element

Elemental Herbology Element Earth

Season: Late Summer

Associated with: completion, harmony, peaceful people

Skin Type: dull – pigmentation – redness

Skincare Collection: Radiance & Vitality, which harnesses the power of natural actives such as vitamin C, AHAs and kombucha to protect the skin from environmental damage and restore vitality and inner balance.

The Water Element

Water Element of Elemental Herbology brand

Season: Winter

Associated with: rest, repair, night time, empathetic people

Skin Type: dry – dehydrated – sensitive

Skincare Collection: Hydration, which helps calm and hydrate the skin using natural actives such as hyaluronic acid, chamomile and rose damask .

The Metal Element

Metal Element of Elemental Herbology

Season: Autumn

Associated with: restoring energy, organised & focussed people

Skin Type: mature – fine lines – dark circles

Skincare Collection: Longevity, which aims to boost elasticity and enhance longevity with restorative actives such as blue-green algae, peptides and AHAs

The Wood Element

Wood symbol design

Season: Spring

Associated with: awakening, fresh growth, morning, caring people

Skin Type: dull – pigmentation – redness – normal – combination

Skincare Collection: Balance, which helps to regulate oil levels while restoring moisture loss with ingredients such as kakadu plum, magnesium and AHAs.

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Embrace the elemental way of life.

Remember: just as your skin type can change (due to hormones, weather conditions and more), so can your element. Your ‘dominant’ element most likely won’t always be the same.

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