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DISCOVER: L’ANZA’s Nature-Powered Ingredient List



Madi Cardoso

Madi Cardoso

What goes into the leading brand's advanced hair-care recipes? #TeamGorgeous uncovers.

Ingredients matter – and no one knows this better than L’ANZA.

The brand’s expert herbalists and formulators harness the remarkable healing powers of nature to create every single shampoo, conditioner and treatment. They take extra care in hand-selecting only the finest-quality botanicals, sourced from sustainable woodlands, forests and jungles.

In fact, each L’ANZA formula contains an abundance of potent natural ingredients from organic, non-GMO plants which have unparalleled benefits for the hair.

Free of Unnecessary Additives – Packed with Goodness

Safety is of the highest priority when it comes to ingredient choice. L’ANZA’s recipes meet rigorous global safety standards and are thoroughly tested. They’re sold in forty countries all around the globe too.

What’s more, all of L’ANZA’s formulas are free of unnecessary additives and harsh chemicals. This means sulfates, parabens and gluten are not on the ingredient list.

Did you know? L’ANZA’s ingredients have been approved for use in hair-care products by the FDA, EU, CTFA, CIR.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Formulas

With the aim to promote a healthy, sustainable relationship with nature, the brand creates only Clean Air formulas, i.e. they meet and exceed global environmental standards for air quality.

Additionally, L’ANZA’s ingredients are, as previously mentioned, carefully sourced from sustainable rain-forests – and they come packaged in recyclable materials.

L’ANZA’s Masterfully Blended Ingredient Complexes

L’ANZA blends its great natural ingredients to create exceptional healing complexes – and there is one for every hair type.

PHYTO IV COMPLEX for Shinier Hair

Contains: Abyssinian flower oil, acai fruit oil, coffee seed oil and babassu kernel oil.

Delivers: extraordinary health and shine to all hair types. Also helps maintain the perfect balance of essential fatty acids in the hair and provides hydration without leaving residue behind.

Found in: the Keratin Healing Oil range, ideal for maximising radiance.

FLOWER SHIELD COMPLEX for Protecting Hair Colour

Contains: echinacea, cornflower, green orchid, yellow rose, calendula, hibiscus and gardenia.

Delivers: full-spectrum colour protection, no matter the hair colour.

Found in: the Healing Colourcare collection – just the thing to make your hair colour last longer and prevent it from fading.


Contains: bamboo, silica, keratin healing system.

Delivers: beautiful volume and thickness thanks to bamboo’s abundant quantities of silica, which swells the diameter of each hair fibre from within.

Found in: the Healing Volume range.

bamboo is part of l'anza's ingredients

MOISTURE RETAIN COMPLEX for Hydrating the Hair

Contains: Tahitian tamanu nut, Hawaiian kukui nut and Hawaiian noni fruit.

Delivers: optimal moisture to dry, coarse hair thanks to its powerful formula rich in essential fatty acids, lipids, emollients and humectants.

Found in: the Healing Moisture range.


Contains: ; white tea, manuka honey and neem plant.

Delivers: strength, youthfulness and elasticity to fragile hair, replenishing Cystine Peptides.

Found in: the Healing Strength collection.

COIX SLEEK COMPLEX for Smoother Hair

Contains: organic coix seed and organic mangosteen fruit extract.

Delivers: increased flexibility and reduced breakage.

Found in: the Healing Smooth range.

NUTRI SOOTHE COMPLEX for Calming the Scalp

Contains: papaya, shiso mint, coconut water and lavender oil.

Delivers: nourishment and comfort to the scalp.

Found in: the multi-tasking Healing Remedy collection, which helps soothing, refreshing and hydrating the hair.

coconut as part of the list of l'anza's ingredients, natural element in their complexes

ANAGEN 7 COMPLEX for Better Nourishment

Contains: yarrow, horse chestnut, loquat leaf, licorice and hawthorne.

Delivers: growth of thicker, stronger hair as well as improving  the structure of existing hair.

Found in: the Healing Nourish range.

KERATIN CACTUS COMPLEX for Healthier Heat Styling

Contains: cactus flower extract.

Delivers: great thermal protection for healthy styling.

Found in: the Healing Style range.

Let The Healing Begin with LANZA’s Ingredients…

L’ANZA’s ingredients power the most extraordinary hair-care heroes:

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