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DECLÉOR’s Morning-to-Evening Skincare Routine for Dry Skin



Madi Cardoso

Madi Cardoso

Featuring five superb face-care heroes, packed with essential oils for powerful nourishment and hydration.

Skincare regimes should be tailored to individual skin type, needs and goals.

It’s important to choose the right skincare treatments and follow the right steps as to ensure better, targeted results – and achieve the complexion of your dreams.

Dry skin is characterised by not retaining enough moisture, often displaying rough, itchy or red patches as well as tightness. It can be a result of many factors, from genetics to weather conditions.

A skincare routine for dry skin should therefore focus on hydrating the skin and sealing-in moisture – which is where expert-brand DECLÉOR comes in.

Nature-Powered Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Founded in 1974 in Paris, DECLÉOR was the first brand to introduce the concept of aromatherapy into the skincare industry. All of its treatments harness the power of high-quality natural ingredients and essential oils.

Many of the French brand’s skincare must-haves are super-charged with Neroli essential oil, which is known for its moisturising benefits. Did you know? Neroli oil is obtained from fresh flower buds of the bitter orange tree – one whole ton of flowers yields 500g of oil.

Neroli oil is ideal for people with dry or dehydrated skin – and it’s easy to incorporate it into a complete beauty regime:

1. Neroli Bigarade Cleansing Mousse

Begin your morning skincare routine with the Neroli Bigarade Cleansing Mousse, an adaptive 3-in-1 facial cleanser.

Enriched with neroli essential oil and hyaluronic acid, this luscious mousse transforms upon contact with the skin, creating champagne-like bubbles which cleanse the skin without drying it or stripping it from natural moisture. The Neroli Cleansing Mousse contains a special fruit enzyme to polish the skin and boost radiance too.

The Neroli Cleansing Mousse can be used in the shower for a quicker beauty regime – simply rinse with water and watch as your skin begins to glow.

2. Neroli Bigarade Aromessence Serum

Your morning skincare routine for dry skin is not complete without applying DECLÉOR’s iconic Duo Concept. This concept is all about treating the layers of your skin right down to the dermis (which is where collagen and elastin are housed) with the brand’s legendary Aromessence serums and moisturisers.

The Aromessence Neroli Amara Hydrating Oil Serum, specifically, is 100% natural and active and is specially formulated to deeply moisturise the skin while smoothing and refining pores.

This nourishing formula is enriched with essential and botanical oils to ensure a bright, luminous complexion. It helps repair the skin and protects it against the effects of pollution too.

Simply warm three drops in your hands, breathe in the aroma to reconnect with yourself and apply it by tapping gently on your face and neck.

decleor serum for skincare routine for dry skin

3. Hydra Floral Everfresh Hydrating Light Cream

Once you’ve applied the serum, don’t forget to use a good moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated.

Enriched with Neroli essential oil and boasting anti-oxidant properties, the Hydra Floral Everfresh Cream works to moisturise the skin while creating a protective layer against pollution.

Did you know? Pollution is known to dehydrate the skin, leaving it dull and lifeless-looking, so make sure to defend your skin against it.

4. Prolagene Lift Contouring Lift Firm Mask

You and your skin have made it through the day. What follows?

Once you’ve cleansed your skin and removed any traces of make-up, treat your skin with the Prolagene Lift Contouring Lift Firm Mask – a magical ‘I-have-no-time-for-a-face-mask’ mask which lifts and firms the skin in only one minute.

Try leaving this mask on while brushing your teeth before bed – then remove by rinsing thoroughly

This indulgent mask contains L-Proline, a patented ingredient, which is essential to produce collagen, as well as Rye extract which has a tensor effect on the skin so it feels lifted..

5. Neroli Bigarade Night Balm

The final stage of DECLÉOR’s skincare routine for dry skin is to apply the Neroli Bigarade Night Balm.

Harnessing the natural power of essential oils and plant oils, this luxurious concentrated balm hydrates and nourishes the skin while you sleep so you can wake up to a supple, radiant and revived complexion – ready to begin a new day.


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