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Bridal Beauty with Daniel Sandler



Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

With the wedding we're all talking about on the horizon, we grabbed five minutes with celebrity makeup artist Daniel Sandler to talk all things beauty and his top tips for brides.

With over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, celebrity makeup artist Daniel Sandler knows what he’s talking about. From beautifying Kate Moss, to the ultimate bridal beauty tips, here’s what he had to share with #TeamGorgeous.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt about beauty and makeup application?

I set out to create the Daniel Sandler Makeup range to make a woman look and feel the best version of herself, with poducts that delivered professional finish results. Working backstage and on location at prestigious photo and video shoots, I was always under pressure to apply makeup quickly and to ensure that it lasted. Often I’d have to mix my own formulations because I couldn’t find makeup that was durable and long-lasting enough.

My light-bulb moment came when I realised that in essence a woman faces exactly the same challenges.  A woman wants to apply her makeup quickly, achieve great results and have it last, whatever the occasion. With over 30 years in the industry, I instinctively know a good formula from a bad one. My products are unique because they’re created by a professional MUA who knows exactly what works on a woman’s face.

Bridal season’s here. What would be your top tips for brides, to ensure they look beautiful on their big day?

Please don’t reinvent your “look” completely or you won’t look like the beauty your fiancé has fallen in love with. Wear colours you always apply, but simply re-work by either applying a little less or more, depending on your preference. Above all, look for products which make you look perfect with minimal fuss. For example, a great base and concealer, shades that define and enhance eyes and brows, a pretty lip colour and a pretty flush on cheeks.

Beauty is about applying the correct amount of makeup to enhance yourself as well as the right amount to disguise the bits you don’t like. A bride should look and feel her most beautiful on her special day.

I adore fresh, bronzed skin, glossy lips and soft pastel eyes. However, I have also worked with some beautiful brides who have worn seriously smoky shadow and vivid red lips. Why not think about reworking your look for the evening? You could add a bold lip to create a statement pout.

Of all the beauty products you can find in a makeup collection, which do you think makes the most difference when applied?

This would have to be blusher! It makes everyone look effortlessly healthy and glowing.

What step is often missed in a makeup routine that will really give your final look that professional finish?

It’s all about blending. It doesn’t matter what makeup style you create, if the final result doesn’t look seamless, then it doesn’t look like a professional finish.

What inspired you to create your makeup collection?

I was working on shoots where I needed makeup to stay in place. Either because I was in a hot sunny climate and on a beach where makeup runs, or I would be doing shoots where the model was in a swimming pool or a shower. There were no blushers around at the time that ticked the boxes, therefore I knew that there was a gap in the market.  The very first product I created was my Watercolour liquid blusher. This was born out of a need to have a product that blended easily, was long-lasting and water resistant, and in a plethora of shades.

Which career moment has been the most pivotal for you?

After training in makeup and hair at the London College of Fashion I met Mary Quant who was instrumental in helping me to start my career. My father David Sandler was a well-known London society hairdresser, who introduced me to his friend and colleague Vidal Sassoon. Doors began to open. I was soon working for top hair salons and fashion designers creating make up looks for their shows and shoots.

What’s been your biggest achievement since starting the Daniel Sandler brand?

It really doesn’t get much better than my Watercolour reaching cult status. It is also a huge honour to be largely regarded by the media as the ‘patron saint of blusher’. One of the pinnacles of my career was being recognised at the prestigious Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards, in the Best Blusher and Best Brushes categories. Also, my products are regularly featured by top beauty editors and beauty bloggers. They’re also loved by some of the world’s renowned makeup artists, including Lisa Eldridge, Mary Greenwell and Pixiwoo. This never fails to excite me.

Why do you feel it’s important to challenge the pressure on women to look perfect, and how do you feel the Daniel Sandler brand is doing this?

It’s important to challenge this pressure because it doesn’t take much for a vulnerable or insecure person to feel worse about themselves.  What I am passionate about, and what my brand stands for, is that every woman of any age can be happy with her own beauty. I try to support that by using mainly ‘real’ women in my tutorials so that my customers can have someone they relate to.

Of all the famous faces that love Daniel Sandler, which have you been most excited by?

There have been quite a few, like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. I feel lucky that in my career I’ve been able to work with some amazing people.

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