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Beautician Secrets: Facials at Home



Madi Cardoso

Madi Cardoso

We caught up with our in-house expert to discuss all-things facials, from top tips to must-have products.

Never has self-care felt so important. If there’s a time to get your skincare rituals down to a T – this is it. With vast experience in the industry, our beauty-specialist Steph is just the person to help.

Here’s everything you need to know about doing a facial from the comfort of your own home…

Q. What is a facial and why is it important?

Steph: A facial is a treatment which uses different skincare products to essentially give your skin a deep cleanse. Most people will have a facial done professionally in a spa or salon, but as the importance of self-care is being recognised, it’s becoming popular to perform treatments at home where possible.

Q. What are the essential steps in a facial?

Steph: The essential steps in a facial are to cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells with an exfoliation, treat any problem areas or skin concerns with an appropriate mask and then to keep the face hydrated with a moisturiser that suits your skin type. You can follow this with a facial massage.


Q. How should we cleanse skin?

Steph: By performing a double cleanse on the skin, you will remove all the buildup of oil, dirt, dead skin cells, sunscreen, and cosmetic products which can leave your skin looking dull.

I recommend Dermalogica’s Pre Cleanse Balm for the first cleanse in your home facial routine. To use this product, squeeze the tube to dispense it onto a clean cleansing mitt. Then massage the balm into dry skin in circular motions. Add water to emulsify and continue with circular motions to remove any impurities.

For your second cleanse on the skin, I would recommend Evolve’s Facial Detox Wash. This gentle foaming facial wash works to effectively detoxify and rebalance skin. 

evolve beauty facial detox wash

Q. What are some of your favourite at-home facial products?

Steph: I have a bit of an obsession for face masks. Once you find a face mask that suits your skin… it’s a real game changer.

Two of my absolute favourites are Carita’s Progressif Neomorphose Peeling Gelee Mask and DECLÉOR’s Neroli Bigarade Oil Mask.

The Carita Peeling Mask is a moisturising peel that hydrates and regulates skin’s pH to eliminate imperfections and dead cells. After only 10 minutes, this mask leaves you with a fresh complexion, and soft velvety skin.

The Neroli Bigarade Oil Mask is a beautiful formula which starts as a cream and turns into an oil as you start massaging it into your face. This mask intensely nourishes and hydrates dry and dehydrated skin.

Q. What about eyes and lips – should we treat them too?

Steph: Yes definitely, your eye and lip areas are the first to show signs of ageing. This is because we are talking, blinking, squinting, smiling and laughing all the time, therefore wrinkles will be more likely to show.

I would recommend using a really good eye cream from as early as our 20s to keep the delicate eye area plumped and hydrated.

eye care for facial at home

Lips can suffer from biting, cracking and sometimes bleeding, so taking care of them is very important. I would recommend using Weleda’s Skin Food Lip Balm. This balm offers nourishing support for dry and chapped lips and leaves them feeling soft and supple.

Q. What is your biggest tip for a great facial?

Steph: I would say to get the best results from your facial and to feel like you’re giving your skin a luxurious treat – give yourself a facial massage. It provides so many benefits that most people don’t realise you can achieve at home.

I would recommend to using a face roller to do this. A roller will help increase micro-circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage, whilst also reducing puffiness and helping to improve skin elasticity. You can use the roller with a face oil, mask or even moisturiser.

Start at the forehead, apply gentle pressure and begin rolling using upward and outward movements. Move slowly to cheeks and jawline, through to neck, finishing on neck and décolletage.

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