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Banish Pigmentation with Ultrasun



Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

Now that our unusually hot summer has come and (sadly) gone, it’s time to revive our skin. Thanks to the sun’s rays, post-summer skin can be damaged, dehydrated and showing signs of pigmentation...

After wrinkles, pigmentation is the biggest skin concern that women have, but fear not, our skin can be revitalised with the help from leading sun care brand, Ultrasun. Their Anti-Pigmentation Face SPF50+ is a targeting formulation that not only protects the skin from up to 98% of UVA rays, but also actively works to break down unsightly dark spots on the skin.

What is pigmentation and how is it caused?

Pigmentation is the discolouration or ‘dark spots’ that can appear on the skin. Although many factors can lead to skin pigmentation, the main cause is overexposure to harmful UVA rays from the sun. These rays penetrate deep into the layers of the skin causing an overproduction of melanin cells (the ones responsible for us getting a gorgeous summer glow) in certain areas.

How can Ultrasun Anti-Pigmentation FACE SPF50+ help?

Harnessing the power of patented ingredient complexes ILLUMISCIN® and Asyntra™SL, Ultrasun have created a formula that actively targets and breaks down built up Melanin in the skin. Used daily, it is clinically proven to even out the skin’s tone and visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Why is it important to wear SPF?

It is important to wear sun protection daily as our skin is vulnerable to harmful rays from the sun causing ageing / skin damage (UVA rays) and burning (UVB rays). Even if you can’t see the sun, it can still see you!

What you say…

We love reading your reviews on Gorgeous Shop. Here’s what one Gorgeous shopper said about Ultrasun Face Anti-Pigmentation Face SPF50+:

‘Fabulous skin and sun care. I have pigmentation marks on my décolleté- I’ve been told it’s from wearing perfume in the sun. I also have lines on my décolleté as it seems to catch the sun a lot. Since using this my lines have diminished and the dark spots have faded a little and thankfully no new dark spots, yet although it stops me burning I’m still able to get a tan.
It sinks in and leaves a lovely glow and people have told me I have nice skin when wearing this and I’m in my 50’s!
Wouldn’t want to be without it now!’

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