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Banish Breakouts and Blackheads



Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

Not feeling confident in your own skin thanks to breakouts and blackheads? Dermalogica's new Clear Start™ Duo could be the skincare solution you've been searching for.

If living with breakouts and blackheads has got you down, you’re not alone. Georgia Toffolo, resident ‘Toff’ of the jungle, has spoken openly about how it feels to struggle with your skin, therefore she’s partnered with the skincare experts and Dermalogica to help Brits banish their breakouts for good.

“I think it’s really important that people are getting the correct advice for their skin,” said Toff. “Since I’ve been using Dermalogica my skin is the best it’s been since I was 14.”

The skin health experts at Dermalogica have been hard at work, preparing to introduce two exciting new formulas to their famous Clear Start line. Designed to tackle breakouts and blackheads, the new duo works to achieve cleare skin without compromising on skin health.

Breakout Clearing Booster

Killing breakout bacteria in only 15 minutes, the new Breakout Clearing Booster is a customisable treatment. Suitable for use as a spot treatment, it can also be layered underneath moisturiser therefore acting as an all-over treatment.

With unique Salicylic Acid technology, breakouts are banished thanks to levels of skin bacteria being balanced. Not only does this treatment banish active breakouts, it prevents future ones too.

Locking in moisture to soothe iritated skin, the product also stimulates the skin’s antibacterial defenses and helps even skin tone. Stimulating natural exfoliation, consequently it also minimises the chances of a breakout!

Toff says: “The Booster has helped keep my skin clear. If I get a spot, I pop it on and my breakout disappears really quickly.”

Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask

Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask reduces skin bacteria and also absorbs excess oil, therefore banishing blackheads before they turn into breakouts. With Tumeric and Apple Fruit extracts, inflammation’s reduce and skin is left feeling clean, clear and comfortable.

Toff says: “The Fizz Mask literally dissolves your blackheads. I can really feel it working.”

Products in the Clear Start range combine potent active ingredients with soothing botanicals to keep young, breakout-prone skin clear, balanced and hydrated. The Breakout Clearing Booster and Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask are the latest additions.

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