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Why Australian Bodycare Love Tea Tree Oil



Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

When Captain Cook visited Australia in the 18th century, he became familiar with the “healing tree”. Documented for its anticaterial and antiseptic properties, Australian Bodycare now use Tea Tree Oil to create products suitable for all the family...

So why is Tea Tree Oil so popular? We take a look behind the ingredient with Australian Bodycare, to find out why this natural healer has stood the test of time.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil. Pale yellow in colour, it’s extracted from the leaf of the Melaleuca alternifolia which is native to the Lismore region of New South Wales.  It grows in a limited area of ​​approximately 50 square kilometres; this is the natural habitat of the tree, the low lying, spongy rainforest area of Australia. There have been numerous attempts at growing Tea Tree in several other places in the world, but the result has been sub-standard with either the oil quality or the trees not maturing.

A Brief History

When Captain Cook visited Australia in the 18th century, he became familiar with the “healing tree”. The leaves form the Melaleuca alternifolia had been falling into the water for over 100 years, consequently this had turned the lakes into antiseptic baths. After allowing his crew to swim in the lake, wounds, cuts, scalds and other skin irritations were healed. The colour of the water reminded Captain Cook of tea hence, according to folklore, the name Tea Tree. The local Aboriginal tribe, Bundjalungy, used Tea Tree to treat many skin problems by adding crushed Tea Tree leaves into hot compresses and poultices.

During the second World War the Australian Army obtained possession of all Tea Tree oil to treat injured soldiers. Production of Tea Tree Oil was considered an essential war time industry. Therefore, leaf-cutters in the plantations were exempt from military service, and although the supply of oil was limited, all soldiers had a small bottle of the oil in their back packs.

Why Australian Bodycare Love It

Australian Bodycare has harnessed the essential properties of the Melaleuca alternifolia into a simple to use yet effective skin care range.

Australian Bodycare uses only the highest quality and grade for its products. Documented for antibacterial and antiseptic properties, as a result Australian Bodycare loves it for delivering the comfort and reassurance of fresh, clean and blemish-free skin.

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