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Your Anti-Ageing Questions Answered with DECLÉOR



Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

From the age you should start an anti-ageing skincare routine, to the most important products to include, we've got all the answers from Henrietta Hearth, Senior Brand Manager at DECLÉOR.

Unsure where to begin when it comes to building an anti-ageing skincare routine? Here at Gorgeous Shop we’re on hand to answer all your skincare questions, this time with a little help from Henrietta Hearth, Senior Brand Manager at DECLÉOR.

At what age should you start an anti-ageing skincare routine?

From the age of 30, your skin stops producing collagen and starts to show the impacts of ageing. This includes fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. However, there are many factors that can contribute towards ageing skin, including lack of hydration, impact of pollution, smoking and the sun. If you want to combat early signs of ageing but don’t feel you want to start using a pure anti-ageing skincare range, try the NEW DECLÉOR Hydra Floral Everfresh Hydrating Light Cream. It’s expertly formulated to target dehydrated skin and fight against the impact of pollution. Both of which can cause early skin ageing.

What’s the most important part of an anti-ageing skincare routine?

It really depends what you want to target most. Different people have different skin concerns at different times in their lives. For many Caucasian women, the area around the eyes can be particularly prone to the effects of ageing. This may mean you want an eye cream to target the signs of ageing. The cheeks and jaw line can also be affected, so you will want to ensure your day cream can target these areas.

Which products are best for treating and preventing ageing lines around the eyes?

It depends on exactly what skin concern you are trying to target, but DECLÉOR has a solution for all problems:

What products should I be used to help avoid sagging skin?

You should look for products that activate collagen in the skin. Also, facial massage can help to prevent against sagging skin. After cleansing, apply the 1 minute DECLÉOR Prolagene Lift Contouring Lift Firm Mask and follow the 1 minute facial massage technique.

What’s the best way to apply an anti-ageing cream?

Take a 5p piece of day cream in your hands and rub them together to warm the day cream. Gently massage your hands on your face, dragging your hands upwards to lift and firm the skin. Facial massage can stimulate collagen production and give the effect of more youthful skin.

What’s the difference between a moisturiser and a serum? Do I need to use both?

Yes, absolutely! A moisturiser treats your skin of today, whilst a serum treats your skin of tomorrow. Decléor 100% natural, 100% vegan Aromessence Oil Serums contain Essential Oils which target specific skin concerns by reaching the deepest layers of the skin. The moisturiser targets the skin concerns of the day. A nice way to combine skin benefits is to use an Aromessence and a day cream from different ranges e.g. If you want skin that is deeply hydrated but also want to target advanced signs of ageing, you could use the DECLÉOR Aromessence Neroli Amara Hydrating Oil Serum with the DECLÉOR Orexcellence Energy Concentrate Youth Cream.

What’ should I do about dark spots? How can I avoid them, or treat them when they start appearing?

Dark spots can be caused by a variety of factors including hereditary; some people are just more prone to dark spots than others. Dark spots are specifically clumps of melanin caused by over exposure to the sun and are common in women and men aged 50 plus. There are some specific products which can target dark spots; Decléor has a range of products clinically proven to target dark spots, pigmentation and lack of skin evenness. For very challenging dark spots, you can try the DECLÉOR Hydra Floral White Petal Targeted Dark Spots Skincare Treatment. For daily use you can try the DECLÉOR Hydra Floral White Petal Skin Perfecting Hydrating Milky Lotion.


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