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Adding Hair Volume: Redken’s Expert Guide



Madi Cardoso

Madi Cardoso

Here's everything you need to know about bringing fine, flat hair back to life.

There are several reasons why your hair appears lifeless and without volume such as having naturally fine strands or using styling tools incorrectly. This is easily fixed, however.

Changing some key habits and opting for volumising formulas can help ensuring your hair doesn’t fall flat again.

Redken and #TeamGorgeous walk you through simple ways of achieving beautiful volume and fullness.

Top Tips for Creating Hair Volume

Incorporate these easy steps into your hair-care regime to enhance volume, body and fullness:

1. Don’t over-wash: washing your hair daily is a huge deal-breaker if you want your hair to have body.

2. Blow-dry upside down: this allows gravity to lift your hair away from your scalp.

hair being washed

3. Switch up your parting: do this every morning to help keep your roots lifted.

4. Choose volumising products: from shampoo to finishing spray, pick products that are specifically created for combating flatness and boosting volume.

Redken’s High Rise Range

Ideal for fine, flat hair types, the High Rise collection from Redken works to build body and lift, delivering a polished salon-worthy finish.

Enriched with filloxane and silicone polymers, the High Rise Shampoo gently sloughs away dirt and grease whilst improving body, texture and fullness. Complementing the shampoo’s lifting action, the High Rise Conditioner weightlessly de-tangles and softens your locks.

For an added boost of volume and fullness, try the Volume Duo Volumizer. Apply this unique gel-cream on damp hair and comb through – blow-dry your hair for added lift.

Volume Styling Must-Haves

If you’re looking to take your hair volume to the next level, make sure to add these powerful styling formulas to your regime:

model holding redken guts whicg creates hair volume
  • Redken Guts: a directional spray with a precise application, it can inject volume directly onto your roots or all over your hair. An ideal foundation for hair styling, the Guts delivers flexible fullness and bold, gutsy style.
  • Stay High: combining the strength and hold of a gel with the airiness of a mousse, this formula works to add long-lasting volume and lift to any style.


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