T3 LUXE Turban Towel

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Ideal for: Gently removing excess moisture from hair to speed-up drying time.

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Gorgeous hair starts with a twist.

Introducing the T3 LUXE Turban Towel - a soft, absorbent waffle turban towel which gently removes moisture from the hair quickly and easily.

Maintaining long-lasting styling results goes beyond hair tools. This premium microfibre towel allows for faster blow-drying and styling as it absorbs excess water, preventing frizz and damage.

Key Features

• Soft and comfortable microfiber material

• Waffle weave texture for better absorbency

• Tapered design fits most hair lengths and textures

• Coconut shell button and elastic loop to secure towel

• Machine washable

Material: 85% Polyester + 15% Polyamide w/ coconut shell button

After washing your hair, wrap the wider end of the towel around the nape of your hair. Twist the towel around the strands of your hair until all your hair is covered. To secure the towel, wrap the elastic loop around the coconut shell button to hold the towel in place.

The microfiber material of the LUXE Turban Towel quickly absorbs water to help prevent excess frizz and damage to hair, keeping your hair healthy and beautiful.

Super effective at absorbing water yet gentle on your locks, this microfibre turban towel is a must-have in your hair routine.


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