&SISTERS Remüvie Intimate Stain Remover Plant-Based 350ml

Ideal for: Removing unwanted stain.

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&SISTERS Remüvie Intimate Stain Remover is a gentle plant-based intimate stain remover to help remove period stains fast.
This vegan foaming spray is tough on stains but kind to the planet.
Saving your underwear, clothes and much loved fabrics from any signs of menstrual stains, this fast-acting spray is a life saver.

By SIsters, For Sisters.

✓ Gentle plant-based formula: ammonia & phosphate free

✓ Vegan. Cruelty Free & Readily Biodegradable

✓ 1% of sales donated to environmental initiatives

Made from plant-derived, renewable and sustainable resources with less than 5% non-ionic surfactants. Free from: Solvents, VOC’s, EDTA, NTA, fragrance and dye, APEs.

Patch test remüvie™ on delicates or bright colours. Spray directly onto the stain, leave for a few seconds and dab gently with a wet cloth. Wipe clean and rinse item with warm water before washing by hand or a suitable machine cycle.

Innovative stain remover to make sure your underwear lasts longer!


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