Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush Set

Ideal for: Applying skincare products.

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Sigma Beauty's Skincare Brush Set is a beautiful, sleek collection of six brushes for applying skincare products.


• S01 Clay/Mud Mask™ Brush

• S02 Spatula™ Brush

• S05 Moisturiser™ Brush

• S10 Serum™ Brush

• S15 Gel Mask™ Brush

• 20 Eye Cream™ Brush

Take you skincare routine to the next level with these luxurious skincare brushes. These super-soft brushes allow you to apply your skincare products with ease and help avoid product waste.


S01 Clay/Mud Mask™ Brush - Apply thick masks onto the skin

S02 Spatula™ Brush - Scoop + mix skincare products

S05 Moisturiser™ Brush - Gently apply moisturizer

S10 Serum™ Brush - Evenly apply liquid + gel serums

S15 Gel Mask™ Brush - Swirl gel masks onto the skin

20 Eye Cream™ Brush - Apply eye cream without tugging

These skincare brushes from Sigma are gentle on the skin and avoid getting your hands caked in product.


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