Paul Mitchell Shampoo One 1000ml Double

Ideal for: cleansing & improving manageability.

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Supersize stock-up! This money-saving double contains 2 x Paul Mitchell Shampoo One 1000ml.

Gently cleanses and improves manageability.

Adds deep shine and enhances hairs appearance. Its extremely mild, making it a great choice for colour-treated hair.

- Panthenol and wheat-derived conditioners improve the surface texture and manageability.
- Algae, aloe, jojoba, henna and rosemary add deep shine.
- Colour safe formula.

- Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate: A naturally-derived cleansing and conditioning agent.
- Magnesium Carbonate: Salts which add strength internally by forming an artificial "backbone" by attaching to the negatively charged damage sites within the cortex, helping prevent immediate redeposit of minerals, iron, fatty acids and chlorine.
- Sodium Thiosulfate: A mild chelating agent to remove chlorine.
- Activated Botanical Strength Blend: A special blend of essential amino acids helps protect and strengthen compromised hair.
- Tetrasodium EDTA, Trisodium HEDTA & Disodium EDTA-Copper: Chelating agents to remove residuals from the internal structure of the hair shaft.

Apply a small amount of Paul Mitchell Original Shampoo One® Gentle Wash. Massage. Rinse.

Add a deep and desirable shine to enhance hairs appearance. Hair is cleansed and more manageable.


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