L'ANZA Healing Style Design Foam 200g

Ideal for: Adding body and improving manageability with a lasting hold.
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L'ANZA Healing Style Design Foam provides weightless styling along with a gorgeous radiant shine. Your hair is softly supported with the ability to move. The exclusive Keratin Healing System, contained within all the products in the Healing Style collection, means that these are the only styling products with healing benefits. The health, manageability and control of your hair is noticeably improved for effortless styling & lasting hold.

L'ANZA Healing Style Design Foam also contains, UVA / UVB / UVC protection that prevents damage to your hair by the sun and UV and rainforest botanicals that add shine and hold to your style no matter what.

  • For soft, weightless texture, place into dry hair with fingers. Then, design a finished look.

  • L'ANZA Healing Style Design Foam is a fantastic multi-purpose product that can be used on all hair types. Gorgeous Tip: For soft, defined curls resistant to frizz on curly hair, apply to damp hair. Then, dry naturally or with a diffuser.


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