Kent Traditional Pure Shaving Brush - BK2

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Ideal for: Smoothing shaving cream for an even shave.

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Kent Traditional Pure Grey Badger Shaving Brush is an essential and traditional shaving tool that has been hand crafted with pure badger hair and should, if used according to the instructions, provide a life times shaving pleasure.


Badger Hair

We do not use bristle from the English Badger, nor have we ever done so, as it is a protected species.

Badger bristle traditionally comes from Manchuria, China. In these remote areas, the badger is regarded as vermin and numbers are controlled by culling. This species is far from endangered or protected, and Kent is, and always has been, most concerned that our raw materials satisfy every criteria of environmental and ecological protection. Badger hair is still the softest and most resilient material to use for shaving brushes, thus regarded as the best.

  • To keep brush in optimum condition throughout your shaving life make sure you follow these few instructions
  • Soak the brush in hot running water
  • Ensuring the brush is fully soaked, dip brush into shaving cream
  • With a light stroking action or a circular motion, being sure not to press the brush down, swirl into a lather
  • After shaving, rinse brush thoroughly, shake off surplus water, dry with a towel
  • If possible hang the brush upside down in the open, do not leave it in an enclosed space when damp

  • This superb brush comes presented in its own box which can be used for storing your brush when travelling.

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