Kent Perfect For Maxi Fine Taming Brush - PF18

Ideal for: Detangling and smoothing frizzy, unruly hair.
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Kent Perfect For Maxi Taming Brush ideal for all hair types, but especially unruly hair. This Maxi Taming Brush uses ‘phine pin' technology while the air cushioned head ensures the scalp and roots are stimulated yet protected from damage to maintain healthy gorgeous hair. Made from beautiful natural beech wood, this is the answer to all of your problem-hair needs!

  • Tangled hair should be brushed by starting at the ends, detangling them first and gradually working your way up the lengths
Brushing hair with a good quality brush is, against popular belief, good for your hair as long as it's done gently. Your own scalps natural oils are stimulated and distributed along the hair shaft, which are far more beneficial for hair than all the best conditioners on the market as they are obviously completely natural and defend hair against damage and environmental attack. Gently brushing also smoothes the cuticle flat resulting in smoothed, softened and gorgeously shiny hair.


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