Jessica Nails Quick Dry - 60 Seconds Drying 14.8ml

Ideal for: long-lasting, high quality manicures and pedicures
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Quick Dry is a super quick drying liquid that is applied to the nails after the final nail polish application and results in touch dry nails in just 60 seconds. Quick Dry works by creating a protective film over the surface of the nail which ensures your manicure is good to go!

  • After applying the final top coat. add one drop of Quick Dry to each nail and wait 60 seconds. Excess liquid will evaporate quickly.
  • Quick Dry will ensure you freshly painted manicure is smudge-proof within 60 seconds of applying - great for those on the go who don’t have time to wait about! The dropper application allows oil to shield entire surface and is easy, fast and effective.


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